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Winter Yard Work Checklist You Need To Know

landscapingWinter Yard Work Checklist You Need To Know

During the winter season, homeowners almost never think about yard work and landscaping. However, this season is actually the best time to renovate your lawn and get rid of the brown spots as well as crab grass that was left over from last summer.

Renovating Your Lawn

Renovating your lawn begins with a comprehensive raking to open up the ground and expose the soil so brand new seeds can start to germinate. The next thing you need to do is to level the lawn. You can do this by covering the lowest areas in your yard with new soil. After that, reseed the whole lawn if needed, or just patch specific areas as needed. To guarantee germination, you can add fertilizer and then cover the seeds using humus so they can be protected from hungry birds. Once that is done, you have to wait between three and four weeks before you see the seeds start popping. Another benefit when it comes to doing this during the winter season is that mother nature gives enough water for seed germination, whereas it is important to sprinkle the areas during the other seasons of the year.

Crab Grass

During winter, your grass is filled with tons of crab grass seeds just waiting to grow in the spring. So, if you wish to be prepared to spray with a pre-emergent regarding the final week of February, well before temperatures warm up. But, you must not apply pre emergent before February because it can kill off new seeds you may have planted. Additionally, the chemicals are not that effective during winter. You should also keep in mind that you cannot perform the application on your own because it is a dangerous chemical and according to the law, only a landscaping professional can apply it.


You should start pruning your trees now and don’t forget about your roses, if you have any. If you wish to improve the production of both rose bushes and fruit trees, you have to prune before they begin budding. It is also important to trim overgrown bushes and non fruit trees before they begin to grow once again.

Professional pruning include getting rid of crossing branches, cleaning from the inside out, thinning branches so they won’t be heavy with fruit, and using dormant oil to spray your fruit trees. You must apply dormant spray three time, specifically during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and after pruning.

Flower Beds

Winter landscaping is the best time to clean out your flower beds. Get rid of the fallen leaves as well as blossoms to prevent the growth of fungus and molds.


Before spring comes, be sure to plan roses and bare root trees. If you do it now, you will be able to get great deals on new trees and bushes for your lawn.

Contact A Professional

Last but not the least, winter is the best time to get in touch with a landscaping expert regarding updating, renovating, and reinstalling your yard.

Homeowners usually wait until spring before they make a call only to find out that most Charleston landscaping contractors are already fully booked.

Plan ahead and hire only the best landscaping service by calling Porter Hayes Landscaping LLC.

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