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Why is landscaping important?

landscapingWhy is landscaping important?

Landscaping says many things about a house. It’s the main component in the curb appeal of your home. It sets the tone for the remainder of the design of your home, both exterior and interior. But, landscaping provides benefits that go beyond visual aesthetics. Keep on reading so you’ll learn more about how important it is to have well-maintained and designed landscaping for your house.

Why Having a Beautiful Landscaping is Important

Boost Your Home Value

You may be surprised to know that a beautiful landscape could boost the value of your house. Attractive landscapes boost the value of houses by up to 11.4%. What is really interesting here is that landscaping has added the most to houses located in South Carolina.

Drainage and Runoff

Landscaping will also let homeowners control the storm runoff as well as drainage. Whenever it rains, water must flow away from your house. When it accumulates around the home’s base, it could lead to significant damage to your property. It will create a great environment for mold and rot. Thankfully, expert landscaping Charleston SC could protect against such problems by making sure that your lawn has the right runoff and drainage.

Encourage Outdoor Living

About 70% of houses these days have an outdoor living space, based on a survey performed by the American Home Furnishings Alliance. A landscape that’s been well designed will promote outdoor living by making a functional and attractive environment. Homeowners, as well as their families, could enjoy evenings on their decks or patio, with a stunning landscape that will set the tone in the background.

Energy Efficiency

One of the lesser-known advantages of lawn care and landscaping is its ability to cut down the overall energy usage of the house. Shrubs and trees that are placed strategically will make shade, which could reduce the cooling costs within the summer season. A certain study found that the trees that shade the roof of a home will make the inside much cooler by about 10 degrees, which is a significant amount to say the very least.

Easier to Sell Your House

Of course, a great landscape would also make it much easier in terms of selling your house. It’s hard to get possible buyers to even go inside your house in case the yard is a mess. That’s why yard maintenance is crucial. On the other hand, a landscape that’s well maintained will encourage potential buyers to tour inside your house. It’s not the best way to sell a house but it will make the process a lot easier.

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