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When Does Your Landscape Need Maintenance?

landscaping CharlestonWhen Does Your Landscape Need Maintenance?

In most cases, going in and out of your office isn’t a big deal. You just drive in and delight in the visually appealing commercial landscape. Then one day, you hear one of your employees complain about bees. So you check outside and there they are indeed. To make things worse, they’re not bees but wasps and they’ve created a colony underneath the hedges close to the entrance. This is one of the most common problems when it comes to PA landscape maintenance. It’s also an indication that you require the help of a landscaping maintenance expert.

Of course, not all calls that these landscaping Charleston experts receive, involve severe lawn issues. Are you unsure if you require landscape maintenance? Here some signs that you need landscaping maintenance.

Signs You Need Landscape Maintenance

  1. The grass is brown.

Throughout the year, you would have a green lush lawn. But now, your lawn’s color is that of hay. There are instances when this is the result of high heat and drought, meaning your grass will get back its luster if the rain returns. But not all lawns that have been dried are victims of drought. You may be dealing with weeds, pests, grubs, insufficient/improper watering, and weeds.

  1.  Rough winter.

Lawn take the brunt of a rough winter season. This time of the year can bring salt damage, leaf scorch, and wind desiccation. A landscaping Charleston company can assist you in evaluating the damage that winter has caused on your property or lawn.

  1. Neighbors keep on complaining.

If your neighbors have started to complain to you about your lawn or worse, if they’ve been calling your property as “That House” in your area, then it’s definitely time to consult a landscaping company like Porter Hayes Landscaping.

  1. You have a lot of lawn.

Although a lot of people like a vast lawn, it’s upkeep can be quite tedious. If you’re dealing with at least half an acre of grass, it’ll be better to hire an expert who can take care of the landscaping maintenance.

  1. Pest control.

You may find yourself in a situation wherein your lawn is filled with pests. If that’s the case you need to hire pest control expert in your area. Some companies


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