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What can I add to my landscape for curb appeal?

Landscaping charleston scWhat can I add to my landscape for curb appeal?

Smart landscaping is an excellent way to add interest to your lawn and improve your curb appeal. However, you don’t need to spend a fortune just to make an impression. Here are professional landscaping tips to add texture, color, points of interest, and functionality to your landscape.

Tips For Landscaping Charleston SC

Plan the year round appeal of your landscaping

Evergreen shrubs keep their needles or leaves all year long, so they are always providing color and cover. This provides interest even during the winter season. Ever green plants that are placed close to the house, like in front of corners, could assist in softening the vertical lines of your home, providing it an appearance that’s more inviting.

Use A Walkway to Connect Points of Interest

Rather than trampling down the lawn, leading to a makeshift walkway of dead grass between the garden, fire pit, and patio, you should make a good looking walkway that uses natural flagstone, concrete stepping stones, crushed stone, or decorative brick. You can pull all these elements together through connecting components in your landscaping.

You should create a walkway, pathway, as well as other landscaping feature from materials that are similar or the same to what’s being used on the house’s exterior, such as a stone or brick, since it would tie the path visually to the house. Or utilize the material to offer a striking edging the walkway.

Use A Big Rock To Break Up A Monotonous Yard

Aside from adding outdoor lighting, An easy to way to make a statement through your lawn is to add at least one big rock. Go for the kind of rocks that are way too big to fit in your trunk bed. It will help break the monotony of your lawn using a different material. Not sure what kind of rock to get or where you can put it? You should ask a landscaping or lawn care professional. When you do, bring some photos of your landscape and offer measurements if possible, because it will help these pros make suggestions for your property.

Use A Berm

Build a berm to add pizzazz to your landscape. It’s a mound that you can cover with a flower bed or a rock. It could add texture and color to what used to be a plan and flat lawn with colored foliage, flowers, or stones. They could also add height be being constructed as a mound. You can put them anywhere, even though they look well in the corners. You can hire Porter Hayes Landscaping if you don’t know what to do.

Add A Water Feature

A water feature, regardless of the size, must look like it is one with nature. A natural stone could help build it up. You can use the exact same stone or a material that you found on your home. But be careful. You shouldn’t use too many materials because your efforts may end up backfiring. A general rule is to use three elements at most in a single area, or the area could get overly busy and won’t give you the appeal you’re looking for.

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