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Tips To Prepare Your Landscape For Summer

landscapingTips To Prepare Your Landscape For Summer


Spring is just around the corner and so is summer. While you may already be prepared to give your yard its much needed spring cleanup, there are a few things you can do to prepare your landscaping better before the hot days arrive.

Landscape Preparation Tips

Plant Your Shrubs and Trees

Early spring is generally the perfect time for homeowners to plant new shrubs and trees. But, every plant species has its own perfect time window. Generally speaking, there are places where May stops seeing frost or snow and cooler soil temperatures but not way too warm, which is perfect for moisture retention. It is also helps plants adjust to its new home.

It is better to seek the help of a landscaper Charleston about the best time to plant your chosen variety of shrubs and trees as well as for watering recommendation when the time comes that they are in the dirt. Generally, new planted shrub or tree need more water and in some cases more nutrients so it would root correctly before the stress and heat of summer comes.

Plant Herbs and Flowers

Spring is the perfect time to improve your landscape’s color. Before the summer season comes, you should plant fragrant herbs or pansies as well as other bright annuals. They will look lovely in small garden areas and in window boxes. Even though they do not last more than a single season, they are quite easy to plant and most homeowners don’t mind spending a bit of time and cash to add in these bright additions.

If you would like a more long term improvement in your landscape’s visual aesthetics, you should plan perennials now and it will last a long time.

Create A Pollinator Garden

Happy birds and insects will start to come out during this time of the year. Now is the perfect time to come up with that pollinator garden that you never had the chance to do before. These beautiful and exciting gardens showcase bold flowers and attract butterflies and bees, who can help in pollinating the other plants to create more fruit or blooms.

Enhance Your Patio

When the weather starts to warm up, you’ll be excited to use your patio. Now is the best time to sweep debris and twigs away and enhance the appeal of your outdoor space. This is the perfect time to refresh your deck. Take out your favorite carpet, blankets, pillows, tables, and patio furniture. Add in some lively plants, LED lights, and even an outdoor grill.

Add Fresh Mulch

Turn over any faded or old mulch layers. In some cases, just stirring up the top layer could make a huge difference. However, adding a layer of fresh mulch is always a good option. Mulching helps plants store water, prevent weed growth, and deter insects.

Aerate and Overseed If You Had A Rough Winter

If you had a tough winter then it is best to aerate and overseed your landscape. Even though most landscapes could make the most out  seed planting and aeration in the fall, in some cases, your lawn requires some assistance in recovering from the damage that the colder season brings. You can hire a lawn care expert to help you with this.

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