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Tips for Landscaping Around Your In Ground Pool?

landscaping charleston SCTips for Landscaping Around Your In Ground Pool?

Conventionally, above ground swimming pools are usually thought of as eyesores because they don’t look good and stick up about four feet off the ground. A few of the more luxurious above ground purchasers have a higher budget for their swimming pool and its appearance in the backyard. That is where landscaping Charleston SC comes into the picture.

A big four-foot cylinder installed in the middle of the yard could easily look ugly. However, if you add some landscaping surrounding it, the entire yard could appear really inviting and nice. You might be surprised how this cylinder could look after you add a few small trees, a few shrubs, walkways, decorative borders, rocks, mulch, as well as a nice deck. With the appropriate landscaping, above ground swimming pools could look wonderful.

The Basics of Landscaping an Above Ground Pool

Just like most things, landscaping would look really great when there’s a lot of planning and symmetry. Just make sure that you don’t plant just anything anywhere. First, you should visual how the whole yard would look.

Border the Swimming Pool

The bottom of the swimming pool must be maintained on the outside and all the way around. Begin there by making a border of some type of at least one foot away from the track’s bottom. There are several borders to select from like plastic ones, concrete, stone, and timber. You can also add mulch or decorative rock to this spot. It would create an appealing transition and encourage good drainage surrounding the swimming pool that requires minimal lawn care maintenance. That alone would make the swimming pool look a lot better.

You should think about where the equipment of the swimming pool is. If it is visible from the home, you should landscape around it again with rocks, mulch, and a border. And perhaps some tiny shrubs so you can hide it a bit.

Add a Walkway

It doesn’t matter how far your swimming pool is from your home, add a walkway is almost needed for the maintenance of the swimming pool and the house. You can add it to the other hardscaping element that you plan to add to your lawn. Bathers who travel back and forth on the dirt and grass could make a much bigger mess than what you may think. Making an excellent landscaped walkway is a wonderful opportunity to add to the appearance of the pool. There are so many things you can do here as a few use patio stones for the steps and then timbers as their borders.

Add a Deck and Landscape

Above ground swimming pool decks differ a bit in their looks and size. There are options that are very basic and small. They have a basic handrail and only steps. The other types are huge. They surround the pool with a luxurious rail and integrated plants and seating. Regardless of the style and size, all of the decks will look much better with a little landscaping around them, which will require minimal yard maintenance. Place a few potted plants if there’s available space on the deck.

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