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Tips For Installing Landscape Lighting

outdoor lightingTips For Installing Landscape Lighting


If you are looking to improve the curb appeal of your home at night while improving its safety and security, then you better install outdoor lighting. This lighting fixtures are commonly installed along driveways and walkways, however, they are also perfect for illuminating steps, stonewalls, trees, fences as well as other landscaping features. And since the system function on just 12 volts of electricity, it is totally safe for a DIY installation.

Simple Outdoor Lighting Installation

You can significantly improve the visual aesthetics of your home with just the addition of a low voltage outdoor lighting Charleston. You do not have to be good at handling wiring to set up this kind of system. Use a transformer to lower the 120 volt house current to a meagre 12 volts. It should be plugged into a GFCI protected electrical outlet outside the house that should come with a while in use cover as well as an oversize plastic box that will close over the power cord. The transformer should have enough capacity to support the overall wattage of the lights included in the system. The cable should then be buried in a shallow trench. Provided that you have an outlet close by, you will be able to give your home and your yard a welcoming and cozy glow once the sun goes down.

You need to prepare the pathway light fixtures on the ground where you want them to be installed, commonly around eight to ten feet apart. Low the cable along the concrete walkway, adhering to the line of the light fixtures. In case you come across an obstacle like a shrub or fence then it is best to string the cable around or under it.

Turn The Sod Over

Make sure the light fixture is out of the way. Use a flat blade shovel and slide it below the top layer of the grass, around 12 inches in from the walk’s edge. Once done, lift the handle of the shovel up so you can separate the grass and the soil. Then you should fold over the sod’s scalped portion. Continue the process along the walkway.

Bury The Electrical Cable

Place the electrical cable in the trench and be sure to leave a small slacked cable at every fixture point for making the connection to the landscape lighting. Smooth the sol on the trench but be sure to leave the cable to stick up out of the soil close to each fixture. Create a slit on the detached sod where the fixture will be placed and then fold the sod back on top of the soil, keeping the wire for every fixture on top of the grass. Avoid burying he cable over three inches or you will find it hard to connect the light fixture.

Once that is done, plug in the transformer and then ready the holes for the fixtures. The next thing you need to do is to make the electrical connections and install the outdoor lighting fixtures.

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