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Tips for Patio Hardscaping

patioTips for Patio Hardscaping

Outdoors are ideal for any sort of activity. Don’t leave your outdoors looking dull, bring them to life by following these tips from some of the best patio and landscape designers!

Try to use different materials to define different zones. Distinguish areas by using various hardscape materials. For example; try using concrete around your fire pit, pavers closest to the house, and gravel in between. This can give your outdoors a mood of serenity and joy.

Match the style of your home. Most landscape designers prefer choosing hardscaping materials that go along with the exterior of their Charleston homes. This can prevent hardscaped areas from looking strange, and gives the feeling of a cozy cottage.

Combine exotic outdoor plants with unusual textures. Remember not to use too many textures because that will overwhelm your space. Certain types of plants will look stunning with different textures and patterns, you can use your imagination on that one.

Don’t shield your patio Charleston from the air. That can be very useful on cold winter nights, but it can also deprive you of those beautiful summer breezes.

Your privacy is very important, don’t forget that. You will definitely need to protect your privacy from your neighbors or any passerby. There are many beautiful ways to do so, try using tall trees along with decorative fencing for both privacy and shade.

Don’t forget about lighting. You can easily trip and fall in the outdoors, and that can be more dangerous than falling indoors. It’s not just about safety, along with the obvious uses of light; it also adds a nice atmosphere to your outdoors.

Integrate your patio with the landscape seamlessly. A patio that abruptly ends can look very bizarre and out of place. You should use materials that can ease the transition gradually.

Use some fragrant vines on tall trellises. Good fragrances will always make your home feel better for you and your visitors. You can also press the trellis’s slats together for a denser, more defined border. Remember to use vines that suit your area’s light and weather.

Use your home’s architecture. You can put patios in a way that perfectly fits the curves and walls of your house. You can also choose materials for your patio that fits how the house itself looks.

Make the hardscape useful, not just a décor. For example, you can gently transition a stone floor to a stone wall that surrounds your patio. It will look nice, but what does it do other than looking beautiful? You may consider raising it enough for seating. This can be very useful in gatherings and when you have family and friends over when there are not enough seats for everyone. By raising it, you can also integrate a fireplace along with many other things.

Accent artwork can definitely make your patio perfect. Complement your patio with sculptures and centerpieces.

Make your patio useful. Add a bar, a small dining spot, and rearrange your patio so that it will be as useful as it can but using as small space as possible. Large patios are usually not good-looking.

The perfect complement to any green space is a water feature. Add small fountains for peaceful scenery, or birdbaths to draw in birds and butterflies to your patio, this will give you a sense of nature like no other.

Porter Hayes Landscaping has the experience to design and install a patio area that will make your Charleston home the talk of the neighborhood. It is not too early to start planning your patio addition.

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