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Summer Landscaping Tips

landscapingSummer Landscaping Tips

Have you thought about your summer landscaping yet? It’s not as hard as you might think to have a beautiful yard with just a little patience and planning.

Landscaping can be lots of fun with these tips and advice. You can even take it to the next level by using technology to plan your design!

Ways To Plan Your Summer Landscaping

 1.   Use Your Tablet. Nowadays there are lots of apps you can download to your tablet or other device that will help you plan your landscaping ideas. These apps can tell you the best plants for your climate, what thrives best during summer and what can be planted with them. They also help you choose the plants and flowers that will work best with the way you live. You might not be able to have landscaping that requires lots of maintenance, for instance. Great apps for your smartphone or tablet will give you the pointers and landscaping expert advice you need.

2.   Use A Calendar. Find out which plants and flowers bloom during specific parts of the year so you can toggle them in your summer landscaping design. This will help you always have some plants that are blooming no matter which season it is.

3.   Fill In The Gaps With Annuals. Use some annuals to create lots of color all summer long. They are great when perennials are between blooming cycles, and they can be planted quickly and pulled up easily once the season ends

4.   Create Focal Points That Don’t Require Lots Of Maintenance. Keep in mind that while there are beautiful ways to have focal points, you need to make sure you choose ones that will fit your lifestyle. If you don’t want to have high maintenance features, consider using water designs, ponds, small waterfalls, etc. They look beautiful all year long and you can add or remove other plants as you see fit.

5.   Don’t Forget The Hardscaping. Summer landscaping Charleston needs more than just evergreens and colorful, blooming flowers. Hardscaping includes things like fencing, decks, walkways or raised beds to create a layered effect. Hardscaping provides a constant beauty and interest no matter what is blooming.

Summer landscaping is not only very enjoyable, but it adds great value to your property, as well as your home. So, remember to choose flowers with different blooming cycles, create low-maintenance focal features, and work in hardscaping for interest and function. Landscaping should fit your lifestyle and be a source of joy and serenity. Enjoy your summer landscaping with these easy tips!

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