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Spring Lawn Care Maintenance For Charleston, SC

Charleston lawn careSpring Lawn Care Maintenance For Charleston, SC

It’s almost the end of the cold season in Charleston, South Carolina and many homeowners are tempted to wish and will for their lawn to grow. But, it’s the perfect time for spring cleaning, and you need to do everything to make perfectly sure that your lawn will be at its best once summer comes. If you cut corners now, you will risk having an unhealthy lawn once August comes. Instead, there are things you need to do so you can create a lush lawn that your neighbors will envy using these simple lawn care tips.


For those who didn’t know, a thatch is a layer of dead grass stems that accumulates on landscapes. Although it is virtually unavoidable, you should not let it stay on your lawn for extended time periods. Thatch could stop oxygen, nutrients, and water from getting to the thirsty roots of your plants. Get rid of thatch before new grass begins to grow.


Throughout the winter season, your soil could become compacted. Compaction is extremely common, however, it will be something that you have to address. Soil that’s compacted will prevent water, oxygen, and nutrients from getting to the roots of the plants, which makes it impossible for landscaping plants to grow. So be sure to aerate your lawn. You can rent one for an affordable price from a garden supply store in your area.

Test The Soil

Testing the soil can help you find out what nutrients your soil is lacking and it will also help you evaluate its overall composition. The majority of grass live in conditions that are neutral and because of that, your soil must not be too alkaline or acidic. You could lower or raise the pH of your soil with minimal effort, however you could not do this until you first what type of soil your lawn has. To apply the spring fertilizer for grasses that are for warm seasons, you should know what nutrients you need to add so you could avoid over fertilizing.

Treat For Weeds

Now is the perfect time to begin thinking about the weeks that would most likely rear their ugly heads once summer comes. Do not allow these annual weeds hamper the growth of your lawn. Instead, you should consider applying a preemergenct herbicide some time during early spring.

Seed or Overseed

If you have observed any bare spots in your landscape Charleston, you must overseed once spring comes. Rather tan adding herbicide, you should consider sprinkling grass seed in areas where you need to replant. You could see bare spots due to various factors like parked cars and pet urine. Regardless of the cause, the spring season is a great time to overseed. It’s also recommended to overseed with a mix of warm and cool season grasses so that your lawn is green and lush throughout all of the seasons.

Don’t Forget Mowing

You have to mow during the spring season but make sure that you don’t cut too much. You will end up stressing your lawn if you remove more than a third of the grass blade.

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