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Soft Garden Landscaping With Flowers, Grass and Trees


Soft Garden Landscaping With Flowers, Grass and Trees

Landscaping with flowers, plants and vegetation is known as soft landscaping. All the vegetation in a garden is collectively called soft landscape. Broadly speaking, this will include ornamental flowers and plants, ground cover (grass or similar), and shrubs or trees. The choices for each are various but should depend upon essential considerations such as how well they will survive local climate and soil conditions; in addition to their place in the overall garden design such as color, texture, shape and when they flower.

The main landscaping design concern in choosing plants is that they will be able to live and flourish under local conditions; such elements as the temperature, sunlight and rainfall as well as soil type must be given full consideration or else your beautiful garden will likely fail miserably. Discover the best plants for your local area and make your selection from those to avoid disappointment and a waste of time and money. Consider both Perennials and annuals. The perennials will continue to grow and flower each year without replanting and will most likely be the backbone of your soft landscape design; in terms of color, shape and texture. Annuals must be replanted or replaced each year and so you might add variety and change each year with these.

There are many types of grass, or ground cover, available to the landscape gardener or landscaping company like Porter Hayes Landscaping that you hire and it is not just a case of simply just buying grass seed or turf. Again, the local climate and weather conditions are best taken into consideration so you will get the best type for your garden. Grass is good for filling the spaces between flower beds and other plants, and also provides a good root system for protecting your garden against soil erosion. It can also be decorative both in its appearance and in the shape of area you plant it in.

Finally, the choice of trees and shrubs to grow in your garden will have a great effect upon the overall impression your garden makes. Large plants such as these can provide shade for other plants as well as assist in protecting against soil erosion. But by their larger physical presence they bring a strong visual appeal and act as powerful focal points so should be positioned with care both for their appearance and effect upon other plants. Charleston Landscaping with flowers is like painting with living brushes and colors and, in many ways, the lessons of painting might be applied.


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