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Shade Landscaping For Greater Variety in Your Garden

landscapingShade Landscaping For Greater Variety in Your Garden

Various parts of a garden might have entirely different conditions, shade landscaping takes advantage of those locations which have light-limited in some way. The sunshine in a garden may be restricted by synthetic barriers such as the wall of a house or garden wall, or natural challenges such as trees and foliage; light barriers might have been put up with the express function of producing shade otherwise a shaded area may be the result of a totally different need. In all cases there are plants that grow or struggle with these conditions and the wise garden enthusiast will look into the plant options offered prior to preparing, developing, and purchasing.

There is not simply one kind of shade, nor of shaded location. There is the area that is shaded throughout the early morning but captures the sun in the afternoon, and there is the area that sees the early morning sun however not the afternoon. Then there is the shade produced by overhead foliage which might keep an area without direct sun or perhaps under a continuous mottled light; the favored scenario for fuchsias, for example.

The shade areas are often categorized as deep shade, part shade, and dappled shade areas. In all cases there are plants from which to choose, choices to be made. In gardens where no shade or little shade is available the planting of trees, shrubs, and the erecting of well-positioned barriers can create these areas to enable a range of plants to grow in your garden. In particularly hot environments like Charleston a perpetually shaded location planted with rhododendrons can be a wonderful retreat and might welcome a seat to be positioned there too. It’s also easy to manage which is a plus point when it comes to yard care Charleston SC.

Shade areas are reasonably simple to keep parts of your garden too. So that won’t be a problem when it comes to lawn care. Generally, plants that delight in shade do not require a lot of water; understanding your plant’s requirements is, as always, the primary consideration. A plant that enjoys one sort of shade will not necessarily enjoy another kind; although some are more versatile than others. Those plants which delight in strong sunlight are least likely to endure shade; likewise, those plants which take pleasure in deep shade will not endure much direct sunshine. Shade landscaping includes a higher variety to the plant life of your garden and may even offer some welcome comfort for an overheated gardener.

Spring is right around the corner and now is the time to call Porter Hayes Landscaping for their assistance with planning your landscape design project. They have years of experience with local trees, plants, and flowers and can assist you with making wise decisions with your lawn.

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