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Planning your garden, a pool addition or a new patio? Always remember to prepare for the hardscape surrounding your new backyard addition as well. Hardscape is the inorganic part of the new addition to your lawn, such as pavers, walkways and pergolas. Any hardscaping must be thoroughly planned to integrate with your Charleston home exterior and your existing landscaping and plants. Develop a flow by integrating two or more hardscape features to turn your lawn into a truly wonderful place. Think of walking a rustic cobblestone course that leads to the surprise of a lovely gazebo or leaving your backyard swimming pool just in time to grill dinner on the adjacent patio.

Charleston Hardscape Design

In the past, hardscape has implied non-living outdoor decor made from either wood or  masonry. However, nowadays that meaning is broadening. Your home’s hardscaping components may be tile, concrete, brick, or cobblestone. You can let your imagination go when it comes to the materials you choose. Simply ensure that your choices mix harmoniously with the landscape, your house, and each other. Porter Hayes Landscaping recommend keeping your hardscape to a scale to fit your outdoor area  — don’t overwhelm a small yard area with a massive piece of lawn art, for example. Use varying heights, angles, soft curves as well as straight lines. Two or three collaborating colors and textures in your hardscape will be more enticing than a single one. Include plenty of plant life for both a natural appearance and a cooling effect.

Decide on the Purpose of Your Charleston Hardscape

Deciding on your objectives is an integral step in any well-crafted plan. What purpose do you have in mind for your hardscaping? Possibly you want to secure your rich green lawn from wear and tear or supply simple access to a flower or vegetable garden. An attractive walkway, based upon common foot traffic patterns, is one option. If you want to minimize yard care and watering, an outdoor patio will be exactly what you need. Always remember to prepare for a safe backyard if you have kids or grandkids. In a mild environment like Charleston, where you are able to enjoy your lawn for a big part of the year, an outside living room may be a dream that becomes a reality.

Preventative Measures

Prior to starting on a hardscaping project, make certain you get the necessary approval. Many jobs will need an authorization, as well as approval from your HOA (if applicable). You may need to consult with an architect or an engineer– for instance, if you wish to install a retaining wall or change the grade of your land. Plan for adequate drainage of substantial areas like swimming pools, and make certain that you’ll be including appropriately prepared bases. In addition, consider your home or business’s patterns of sun and shade so that you can make the most of the daylight. Lastly, decide whether you are ready to deal with the job yourself, perhaps with the assistance of among the Do It Yourself packages on the marketplace, or whether you ‘d choose to go with an expert hardscape installer like Porter Hayes Landscaping.

Hardscape Choices

Keeping all this information in mind, now you’re prepared for selecting the features to consist of in your hardscape job. A decorative path is most likely the very first idea that occur. How about using the exact same product to upgrade your driveway– especially if it is highly visible by visitors to your house? Next, you’ll probably need a location to sit. Construct some benches, or incorporate them into a good-looking stone wall, whether ornamental or structural. While you’re at it, add a patio table, fire pits have become very popular or add a fireplace for warming up on cold fall or spring evenings or a barbecue for entertaining. In reality, if you have the area, why not go for a whole outdoor kitchen? Contribute to the beauty of your backyard with planters to be filled with seasonal flowers, or set up an attractive rock garden or trellis. Functional Charleston hardscape components consist of arbors, water features, swings, birdbaths, and sundials.

Porter Hayes Landscaping provides hardscaping services to make your outdoor living area a reality. Call us today and share your ideas.

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