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Why Adding a Patio Can Give You Extra Space

If you have a home where your kitchen is facing the back of the house and you have sliding doors to the backyard, then you are in an optimal position for adding a patio to give you extra space.

A patio does not have to be elaborate or state-of-the-art if your main concern is simply to add extra space. Porter Hayes Landscaping can assist with the design and implementation of your Charleston Patio.

How a Patio Can Add Extra Space

Adding a patio to your Charleston home can give you extra space so that you now have an extension off your house and extra space for you to entertain and barbeque.

A patio is a great space to keep your guests out of the kitchen and into the sunshine while you prepare a meal. Guests love to mingle on a patio or deck. It has a great feel under their feet and everyone loves to sit outside on a beautiful day. Guests will gravitate to your patio and be less likely to hang out in the kitchen – which seems to be the most popular thing to do these days.

Not only will you have extra space in your kitchen with your guests out on the deck or patio, you will also have created the perfect outdoor “man cave.” Most men love to talk over the barbeque, and making a patio is the perfect designated area for the coveted barbeque.

Patios are also great spaces to hold book club meetings in nice weather or to have some girlfriends over for a light lunch. This leaves the clean-up mostly to outside, especially if you are using paper and plastic. A couple of trips to the outdoor garbage can and your clean-up is quick and easy.

There will always be less traffic in your kitchen, creating more space both indoors and out when you entertain on your patio.

Storage Space and Your New Charleston Patio

Believe it or not, you can create useful storage space out on your Charleston patio that you did not have before in the way of deck storage for cushions. You can even custom build benches that have storage built inside them and store all of your summer items in those benches. This frees up your shed and garage for important items such as the snow blower and lawnmower.

Adding a patio to the back of your house and incorporating wooden benches for storage is a great space saver for both the inside and outside of your home.

You can even store your garden hose, watering can, and planters in deck storage containers and secure them away until next summer. There are endless possibilities for patios and deck storage that can free up extra space in your garage, basement, and shed until next summer.

Think about creating a beautiful Charleston SC patio from brick, stones and pavers. You will have a beautiful outdoor entertainment area you can be proud of. Adding a patio frees up and adds extra space to your home in many ways.

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