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Are You Thinking About A Retaining wall? Get a professional

retaining wall installation charleston scAre You Thinking About A Retaining wall? Get a professional

You have made the decision for a retaining wall installation Charleston SC around your home. It could be to protect a hillside near your house, or to prevent water overflow from nearby rivers or waterways. Or maybe it is built along your driveway to keep dirt and debris out. You may have chosen a wall to build an ornamental hardscape in your yard, such as around your shrubs or trees.

Retaining Wall Installation Charleston SC Tips

It is more difficult than simply laying out some bricks or stones and hoping for the best. Before you attempt to tackle this job, consider these questions:

  • Do you know exactly which products and tools are required to complete the job?
  • Are you able to find these materials and tools in your home or do you need to purchase them?
  • Do you plan to spend the money to rent the tools and products you need to achieve the look you want?
  • Are you really saving money if you have to buy brand-new tools? Stress?

You can do this yourself. You could also consider hiring a landscaping and hardscaping expert to help you.

You will need to purchase a lot of tools if this is the first time you do it. You should also consider how you could make mistakes or put yourself, your family and anyone else who lives in your home in danger. Your personal property and/or any insurance that you have for it could be at risk.

A retainer wall is used to contain some heavy materials such as storm debris, dirt, or garden compost. It can also be used to protect your trees from noisy neighbors or pesky animals. A wall that acts as a border around your garden is less dangerous but equally important.

Think about it. Do you really want that responsibility? It may surprise you to see how much dirt can pack when the wall collapses. Working with a specialist in retaining walls will ensure that your job is done correctly. Porter Hayes Landscaping is a specialist in hardscape projects, such as retaining wall construction, as well as landscaping and lawn care.

You should interview Charleston Landscaping professionals before hiring them. This includes asking about their experience, licensing, certifications, and requesting references. Next, make sure you call your referrals to see if they are satisfied with the work they did. You are investing in this task so make sure it is done correctly.

After the job is done, make sure you inspect the workmanship and speak up if something isn’t right. The landscape service was paid for and you deserve the best results and for optimum outdoor living experience. A professional of high quality will ensure that you are completely satisfied with the work before they leave.

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