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Questions to Ask When Adding a Patio to Your Home

patioQuestions to Ask When Adding a Patio to Your Home

If you want to have a perfect setting for extra space for entertainment and family gatherings, then you should have an outdoor patio. Imagine backyard barbeques on a hot summer day, dinner under the stars during a warm summer night, or just relax by reading your favorite book.

Install an outdoor patio and it will add several years of outdoor enjoyment to your lifestyle and home. However, you need to plan it well. Here are a few things you need to consider before proceeding with your patio installation project.

Having A Successful Patio Installation

Patio Use

It’s crucial to evaluate the needs of your family and know how you plan to use the outdoor patio. Do you want to entertain guests and loved ones? Do you want to include outdoor cooking and dining? DO you want to have a peaceful place where you can get away from your daily routines and relax? How you want to use your patio will affect other factors such as size, location, budget, as well as maintenance.


Your patio must provide convenient access to the home as well as other backyard features such as remote terrace, hot tub, spa, or pool. Guests and family must be able to access your patio area easily. You should think about convenient access from the home to the patio for moving drinks and food, offering quick shelter from rain and provide easy access to the bathroom for your visitors while entertaining.


If you want to get the most out of your outdoor patio, you should think about comfort. If you install an outdoor patio with the help of Porter Hayes Landscaping LLC, you must pick out a comfortable seating for lounging and dining. Select an outdoor furniture that is comfortable and easy to move around and materials that are simple and easy to maintain throughout the year.


For simple entertaining, especially dining and cooking, find the patio near your kitchen. Serving visitors and after cleaning up after dinner will be faster and easier. If you plan to have an outdoor kitchen in your landscaping Charleston SC area, the outdoor patio can be further from your home, since you do not need to depend on your kitchen indoors as much. If you would like to sunbathe, pick a location that will get a good sun exposure. If you are excited about sleeping in a hammock, select a shady location or think about adding a roof or maybe an awning to the outdoor patio.

Test the Location

When you have chosen a location, you should test it out. Before you install an outdoor patio in Charleston SC, you can use string as well as stakes in order to outline the patio perimeter as well as observe the spot for several days. Assess how the sun falls on the area at different times of the day. Evaluate your maintenance concerns by checking the debris from the falling leaves. Even if your outdoor patio will be graded so you can prevent standing water, you should avoid picking out a low spot in your backyard.


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