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How To Protect Your Lawn From Damage Caused By Holiday Ornaments

landscapingHow To Protect Your Lawn From Damage Caused By Holiday Ornaments

Holiday ornaments for your landscape look wonderful especially when lit up at night. However, they can trigger problems in your yard over time. In case you have decorations in your lawn, you can use this guide to protect the grass and keep it healthy during the holiday season.

Move Inflatables Weekly

You can fill your lawn with festive flare through the use of inflatable lawn ornaments. One good thing about this is that it does not consume a lot of space in your storage room during the offseason. There are a few creative and amazing blow up holiday decorations out there, however, they all have a single flaw. The problem with inflatable decors is that they can result in damage to your yard by preventing sunlight, air, and water from getting to the grass underneath.

You can protect the grass from dying especially if you have inflatable decorations in your lawn by moving them weekly. To prevent damage, you can move your lawn decorations slightly to cover various patches of grass every week. Moving the ornaments around your lawn will provide the grass some time to regain and recover the nutrients it requires to survive.

Keep Heavy Decorations Off Your Lawn

It is crucial to keep heavy Christmas ornaments off your yard since they will suffocate the grass beneath it and compact the soil, too. Compact soil is a major problem since it is much harder for grass to grow again whenever the roots can’t move easily through the dense ground. In case your grass has been compacted already by a heavy ornament, you need to aerate the soil, which is going to break up the hard soil and provide your grass the area it needs to regrow.

In case you own heavy ornaments, you need to install them off your lawn and somewhere that can handle the extra weight. It is best to place the hefty ornaments in mulched spots, dirt patches, concrete, patios, or places where you are not concerned about being damaged.

Use External Power Cords

You will be using the lawn ornaments for about a month, and that is why you need to use extension cords that work even in damp environments. A few extension cords aren’t designed for outdoor use and can lead to short circuits as well as other damage when exposed to moisture and rain. You also have to make sure that the extension cord is connected to a GFCI protected outlet. A GFCI outlet detects whenever there is a short circuit, and turns off the power to the outlet that is protecting your house and lawn decorations from damage.

More Ornaments When Mowing Your Lawn

In case you plan to maintain your lawn through the holiday season, you have to move your decorations off the grass when mowing it. You might have to cut around some ornaments however, there are many dangers to both cutting electrical cords and breaking ornaments. In case you have a scheduled lawn care appointment with a professional a landscaper, don’t forget to move the decorations before the set time to prevent damages.

Treat The Lawn Damage

In case your yard has been damaged because of your holiday ornaments, Porter Hayes Landscaping can help. Our Charleston landscaping experts are skilled in taking care and maintaining lawns and are skilled at bringing the best out of your yard.

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