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Tips For Preparing Your Lawn For Spring

Charleston landscapingTips For Preparing Your Lawn For Spring

It is time to get your yard in shape if you want to have the best looking lawn in summer. You have to begin setting up the right foundation in early spring. Provided below is a basic landscaping planning guide that you can use to make your yard look great as the outdoor season draws in closer.

Preparing The Ground For Landscaping

Thoroughly cleaning up your yard is the first thing you need to do for you spring Charleston landscaping project. You have to get rid of the litter and trash that has accumulated in your yard during the course of the year. Wear a thick and durable pair of gloves so you can protect your hands in case there are broken glasses or sharp objects.

What you have to do next is to get your rakes. You now have to get rid of the leaves that you might have missed during the fall or those that may have blown in during the long winter. You also have to remove all of the leaves that are in your flowerbeds as well. This will make sure that planting and mulching will be easy. Although you are raking the lawn, you have to get rid of acorns, pine cones, branches, and twigs.

Lawn Edging and Cutting Flower Beds

Now that you have cleaned your yard, it is time to begin the process of edging your landscape and cutting the flower beds. Edging your lawn will serve a lot of purposes. First of all, it will define landscape beds and it will help make sure that grass and weeds do not invade plants and flowers. It also makes a flat level or mow strip edging between the lawn and the flower bed. This can make mowing and trimming the grass without damaging your plants.

If you would like to create a new flower bed or garden, you have to cut the flower bed. Cutting the bed will make a clean edge between your lawn and garden. You need a spade, hoe, shovel, and wheelbarrow are the things you need when cutting your beds. It is likewise recommended that you use garden spray paint or chalk when drawing a line that separates the adjoining bed from the lawn. Look closely to make sure that the trench’s lawn side is three inches from the edge of the bed at most. Get your spade and dig three inches into the soil while keep the spade on a 45 degree angle. Take out the grass and the soil and put it on the wheelbarrow. Take one step to one side and then make a new cut and toss so it would match the first. Continue doing this down the line that you have drawn until you have dug out the whole edge.


Soil will be able to hold moisture much better by mulching. It can also lessen the need for regular watering and aid in suppressing weeds. Now that you have cut your beds, the application of mulch will be easier. As time goes by, mulches that were made out of organic materials break down and boost your soil’s fertility and structure. However, mulch are different. If you want to have the best results, different locations require different kinds of mulch.

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