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Tips For Preparing Your Landscaping For Winter

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Tips For Preparing Your Landscaping For Winter

Your last opportunity to make sure that your property is ready and protected for winter is when you do your fall landscaping chores. So get your gloves and tools, and be ready to prune, mulch, and plant well before the frozen ground and snow turn the lights out on your visually appealing landscaping. Don’t forget, you also have the option to hire a reliable landscaping company to help you out.

Spread Mulch

According to experts, fall mulching is far better for plants when compared to spring mulching. It can help protect the roots from frost and it also assists in retaining moisture during a dry and cold winter. Spread out around two to three inches of mulch around the shrubs and the trees. Using free mulch that came from municipal piles are not recommended because they usually have disease spores. Alternatively, you might want to purchase hardwood shredded mulch that comes from home and garden centers. Cheap mulch is commonly made out of trees that died due to certain diseases, which may linger in the mulch, such as pine bark borers and leaf spot. Nobody wants to have a yard that is filled with diseased plants.

Get Rid of The Dying and The Dead

Fall is not the best time for pruning since that promotes growth at a time when healthy plants must stay dormant. However, do not store your loppers and shears just yet. Fall is the best time to tidy up your landscaping with or without the help of a professional landscaper like Porter Hayes Landscaping before you put it to bed for the winter season. In case you get rid of dead landscaping during fall, you do not need to see it all throughout winter. Get rid of dead annuals, desiccated decorative perennials, and grasses. Don’t forget to lightly prune dying and dead branches from the shrubs and trees. Dried blossoms from hydrangea should also be carefully removed. However, do not get rid of stalks that look dead, where young buds will form during spring. Following the first frost, trim tea roses to around 1/3 of their height.

Wrap Up Fragile Shrubs

Strong winds, heavy snow, and ice can split and dry your fragile and expensive shrubs. Here are some tips for protecting your landscaping shrubs from the harmful elements brought on by winter. Conceal tiny plants under plastic buckets or pots that have been overturned. You should also wrap boxwoods and other shrubs in burlap. Lastly, you can spread out shredded leaves around vulnerable trees.

Make The Most Of Fall Sales

A great time to plant shrubs and trees is from early fall and up until the ground becomes frozen. Your Charleston landscaping plants experience less stress during cooler weather as well as autumn rain. Additionally, nurseries usually go on sale so that they can empty their shelves before the winter season. Don’t be scared to offer less than their asking price. You might even score an even bigger discount if you buy several things.

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