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Tips For Preparing Your Yard For Winter

landscaping Myrtle BeachBefore winter comes, you still have time to prepare your property by finishing all your fall landscaping chores, which also protects your yard’s curb appeal. So get your gloves, tools, and prepare to mulch, prune, and plant before snow starts to fall and before the frozen ground switches your landscaping lights off.

Spread Mulch

Experts say that fall mulching is way better for flowers and plants compared to spring mulching. It can greatly help in safeguarding roots from frosts and aids in retaining moisture during a dry and cold winter. Spread up to 3 inches of fresh mulch around trees and shrubs. You should also avoid using free mulch that you find from municipal piles, because they usually contain disease spores. It is better to purchase hardwood shredded mulch from home as well as garden centers.

Cheap dump mulch are primarily made from trees that have perished from disease. Different diseases will stay in the mulch just like leaf spot as well as pine bark borers. You do not want to ground up dead plants in your yard.

Get Rid Of The Dead And Dying

Fall is not the time to prune since it encourages growth when healthy plants must stay dormant. However, do not shelve your loppers and shears yet. Fall is the time to tidy up your Charleston landscaping before you put them to bed for the winter season. In case you get rid of dead landscaping in fall, you do not have to check it all throughout winter. Get rid of dead annuals, trim dead as well as desiccated ornamental grasses and perennials. Gently prune dying and dead branches from trees and shrubs. Remove dried blossoms from your hydrangeas. However, do not get rid of dead looking stalks, where brand new buds will form during the spring season. Lastly, cut back tea roses to around a third of their height after the first frost.

Wrap Fragile Shrubs

Ice, heavy snow, and high winds can split and dry your pricey and delicate shrubs. If you want to protect your landscaping from the elements that the winter season brings, you have to do the following. Conceal small plants underneath overturned plastic buckets or pots. Wrap boxwood and other shrubs in burlap. Surround delicate trees with shredded leaves.

Make The Most Of Fall Sales

From the beginning of the fall season until the time the ground freezes is the best time to plant shrubs and trees. Autumn rain and cooler weather place less stress on young landscaping plants. So, you might want to head to nurseries near in your area. They usually have great sales to empty their shelves before winter comes.

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