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Preparation Tips For Spring Landscaping Charleston

Landscaping CharlestonPreparation Tips For Spring Landscaping Charleston

Admit it or not, many of us tend to forget about your landscaping during winter. Your property may be filled with snow during this time of year and even if is not, your plants will not be growing like it should. Although it is quite simple to just ignore your landscaping until spring arrives, it is still better to be prepared if you want to position your landscape nicely for the growing season.

Spring Landscaping Charleston Guide

  • Do Some Pruning

Pruning is not only for spring and summer. It can also be done during winter. It will help prepare your plants and trees for the warm weather and promote new growth. Pruning is a simple landscaping Charleston job that will take you only a few minutes for a single tree. Take time to do this and reap the rewards once your trees look great. You should also consider edging your landscape if you wish for it to have a more precise and defined look.

  • Deal With Worm Infestations

We hate all kinds of infestations including worms, which love the warm weather. So before the infestation spreads, it is better to address this problem right away. You will find many different products on the market that can help you get rid of these creepy crawlers before they can damage your law. If you are not sure, don’t be scared to ask. If the infestation has already spread, you should immediately get in touch with a pest control company.

  • Pick Up Dead Pieces

You can expect to see some dead pieces on a few of your landscaping such as shrubs and bushes. So be sure to spend some time cleaning up your plants on your property. By going through the damaged areas and slowing cleaning and fixing them up, you will be providing more space for new plant growth.

  • De-Winterize

If you made preparations for the winter freeze, which often called ‘winterizing,” then now is the time to start undoing what you have done. Start draining your irrigation system and make sure that there are no problems. Check for any sign of damage which it may have acquired as it stayed dormant during the winter season. This will help you avoid going through the hassle of having a faulty sprinkler system during the warm weather.

  • Weed Control

Keep in mind that when it comes to maintaining your landscape, you also have to include weeding. Add pre-emergent products to the ground before weeds start to spread. However, you should know that some weeds may still grow in your yard, using pre-emergent products can keep their growth to a minimum.

  • Fertilize Your Grass

You can also prepare your grass for the spring by adding some fertilizer. You will be giving it the nutrients that plants need in order to grow.

  • Call The Pros

Although you can do most of these things on your own, nothing beats the results produced by an expert landscaping Charleston company. Professional advice, installation, and maintenance are important if you wish to maintain the integrity of your landscape and entire property all year round.

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