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When Is The Perfect Time Of The Year To Landscape My Yard?

landscapingWhen Is The Perfect Time Of The Year To Landscape My Yard?

Flowers, shrubs, and plants thrive in a comfortable weather, not too cold and not too hot. It’s crucial to know the most effective and best landscaping tips to make sure that you successfully reap the fruits of your labor and don’t lead to limp and brown foliage.

For most newbie gardeners, choosing the appropriate kind of plants and the perfect time to plant them can be quite confusing. Your goal is to boost your home’s visual aesthetics. To meet this objective, there are some important things that you need to know like the kind of flower, shrub, or plant that you need to install, ground condition, temperature in your area, and so on.

Landscaping Tips To Remember

You also have to consider the amount of shade or sun that your plants will get in the landscaping Charleston beds, the kind of soil conditions in your garden, and drainage of the landscaping beds. Too much or not enough water, too much sun or too much shade, as well as poor soil conditions can lead to a failed garden. By knowing all aspects of growing conditions can help you select the appropriate plants for your landscaping project that require minimal care.

Although a lot of us get the planting bug during the first day of spring, it’s not necessarily the right time to begin your landscaping project. A surprise snow, excessive rain, or an unexpected heat wave can stress out your newly installed flowers, shrubs, and plants.

It’s best to plant during the latter part of summer or spring and you’ll have to keep an eye on your garden. The humid and hot days of summer can put more stress on your flowers, shrubs, and plants, which means routine watering is needed, and a bit more TLC.

When early fall lends itself to lower humidity and cooler temperatures, it’s the most comfortable and favourable time of the year to start your landscaping project. Planting perennials, shrubs, and trees in the fall helps them develop their root system so they remain strong once spring arrives. Plants will perform better during if their root systems are more developed.

What and How To Plant

Timing isn’t the only that will help make the installation of your landscape successful. Knowing what to plant and how can mean the difference between having a bed of dead plants and a beautiful landscape. The majority of plants die after a few months of being planted because they weren’t planted correctly or because they weren’t watered incorrectly. Meanwhile, a shrub or tree rarely die of disease or insect within its first year of planting. Planting during the fall season can help boost your chances of success.


If you are determined on planting during the spring, you have to do it in the morning when the temperature is at least 50 degrees. If you are not sure when it’s safe to plant, don’t hesitate to consult a landscaping expert.

Ground Conditions

Ground conditions need to be favourable to make sure that your plants survive. The ground should not be too wet or frozen. Some plants don’t survive when planted during early spring. These include trees, shrubs, and most types of plants.

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