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Patio Landscaping Tips To Improve Your Outdoor Space

Charleston PatioPatio Landscaping Tips To Improve Your Outdoor Space

When it comes to patio landscaping, your outdoor living area must not only look great but also be fully functional. Safety, privacy, comfort as well as low maintenance are the four key aspects of functionality.

Patio Plants

If you want your patios and decks to look inviting, you need to furnish it with plants as well as accessories. The hardscape features’ uncompromising lines are softened by plants, breathing new life into them and enticing you to sit down and relax. Even though there are other methods to get it done, the simplest way to add plants into a patio or deck is through the utilization of container gardens. You can grow different things in a container. The concept of using patio plants can even get rid of the expensive project of taking out an old patio and building a new one since plants are capable of concealing many eyesore.

Choose The Right Tree For Your Patio Landscaping

Big plants may lead to huge problems. Trees are a massive class of landscape plants, so one thing you if there is thing that you need to make sure you get correctly is tree selection. If you are looking to have a shade tree, then you should go for a tree that will have an intermediate height once it matures. Don’t go with trees that have aggressive root systems and be sure to pick trees that are clean for minimal maintenance.

Do You Need Privacy?

One way of having at least a little privacy in your yard is to erect fences. Another method is through the use of plant materials. For instance, arborvitae bushes can help get rid of unwanted attention from the house next door. Plants installed in front of the patio can also give you some privacy.

Include Verticality In Patio Design

When consider your choices for Charleston patio landscaping, it can be quite easy to focus on the two dimensional. However, including verticality in the design can give you another dimension, which can make your outdoor space more interesting. You can introduce the vertical element through various ways. However, the pergola gives you the greatest impact and the highest functionality. You can also grow flowering vines on your pergola.

Perennials Can Soften Hard Patio Lines

Provide a softening touch to your patio’s hard edges by adding perennials. You can also spice up your patio by adding annuals. These kinds of plants might be short lived but they offer a potent inject of wonderful colors.

Install A Pool

Another aspect of patio functionality is comfort and that is where pools enter the scene. There is nothing like relaxing in your patio and then cool off in your swimming pool. However, you need to decide if this luxury is well worth the additional maintenance involved with swimming pools. There is also the issue of safety if you have kids at home.

Add Decorative Water Features

You should also consider adding small decorative water features like fountains. Even though you cannot swim on water features, they can still be very relaxing.

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