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Which landscape lighting is right for you?

outdoor lightingWhich landscape lighting is right for you?

Some fixtures light up driveways and walkways while others highlight fountains and plants. Landscape lighting will cover different outdoor lighting fixtures, that if used together, could bring your home to life at night.

Here you’ll learn how to purchase landscape lighting including the design as well as how to link your lighting system outside your house.

What are the different types of outdoor lighting?

Landscaping Charleston SC lighting could boost the curb appeal of your property by giving it a layered and inviting look with the use of different lights.

Path lights – commonly used in driveways and walkways.

Landscape flood lights and spotlights – it helps highlight fountains, trees, plants, as well as other focal points in your property. Spotlights come with a focused light beam; floodlights will light up a wide area.

Well lights – these are added in the ground and they shine upwards to accent plantings and trees.

Deck and Step Lights – boost the safety with the deck and step lights as well as along the railings and stairs.

Post cap lights – added on the end railings and could add more lighting to porches and decks.

What are the three types of lighting systems?

Low voltage landscape lighting – they use a transformer that changes or steps down the house’s volt current to a much lower voltage, which is usually 12 volts. It’s better to use low voltage systems to prevent the risk of shock and encourages easier installation because the electrical cable could be placed on the ground without any conduit.

Line voltage – these systems are hard-wired into the standard 110-120 voltage feed of your home.

Solar-powered landscape lights – these are self-contained lights that are recommended to be used during bright day locations and in places with sunny climates.

Customize your Outdoor Lighting System

You could make a system that will satisfy your unique requirements with this basic combination of these parts.

Lights – you should use a mix of pot, path, and flood lights to meet your needs.

Cable – you should use the low voltage wires that can be used outdoors. Be sure to keep an additional cable on hand if ever you decide to change the layout.

Connectors – waterproof and corrosion-proof gel-filled connectors could make connecting cables and lights even more simple. There are connectors included when you purchase landscape lights.

Landscape transformers – a transformer is needed for low voltage systems as it helps lower the line voltage in your home. Both plug-in and hard wire versions are offered.

There are transformers that come with built in photocells or timers for automatic on or off operations. If you’re looking for easy and out-of-the-box locations, you should find a complete landscape light kids in the market.

Why Choose LED Landscape Lights?

If you are looking for energy efficient lights, then you should consider LED landscape lighting. They last 25 times longer compared to the conventional incandescent lighting. So why is it an excellent option for landscaping lighting?

You could switch on the lights in the evening for a much cheaper cost. You can bid farewell to the hassle brought on by changing outdoor lights. LED lighting can last for years. Since it uses little watts of energy, you can use a lot of them with any transformer that’s provided.


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