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Landscaping Your Walkway and Increase Curb Appeal

landscapingLandscaping Your Walkway and Increase Curb Appeal

Landscaping should not be only for your front lawn or garden or backyard. Why not include your walkways into the landscaping design and pump up your curb appeal? Say goodbye to boring walkways and allow your guests to enjoy walking up to your front door!

Follow these landscaping tips and ideas for that extremely appealing walkway.

  1. Let it crunch

If you have an already appealing landscaped garden, it has captured your guests’ eyes. Despite this, they still have their ears to lend to your walkway. Have them enjoy their walk by giving it a crunch. Use pea gravel on your walkway to give that extra little crunch. Don’t forget to put solid edging to ensure those small stones will not wander away.

  1. Give it the natural look

If you are after the natural look, use natural stones for your walkway. Many homes have used flagstone made from quarried stone for their walkways and they are happy with how natural it turned out. Look for local stones as they tend to be more affordable. You can also consider growing herbs in between the stones as they help release natural scent especially when walked on. To do this, place the stones a few inches apart to have enough room for the herbs to grow in.

  1. The timeless look

Get the timeless look with boxwoods and bricks. Although this combination requires regular and continuous upkeep, many homeowners still opt for them because of traditional look it renders. If going for this type of walkway, make sure you regularly trim your boxwoods to maintain their shape and always keep an eye on settling and buckling bricks. This may cause serious accidents so you need to carefully watch out for any signs of buckling. To resolve this, you need to pry out the buckling bricks and dig or add more sand before resetting them back. Contact a professional landscaping Charleston company for more efficient regular maintenance.

  1. Welcome your guests with wood

Wood gives a warm feeling, making your walkway friendly and welcoming. If you choose a wood walkway, be sure to opt for weather-resistant wood like cypress, cedar or teak so that your walkway can withstand extreme weather conditions. If you have a deck, apply the same maintenance and upkeep routine you do with your deck here on your wooden walkway. Remember to apply the appropriate type and amount of sealer and stain on your walkway.

There are more ideas to consider for your walkway. Speak with a landscaping company now. Call Porter Hayes Landscaping LLC.

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