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Landscaping 101 – Using The Right Plants

landscapingLandscaping 101 – Using The Right Plants

One way of sprucing up your property is through landscaping. However, landscaping in itself is a very broad term. Landscaping encapsulates a huge range of plants, designs, and methods to achieve the goal of balanced looks and functionality. Plants, on one hand, offer a lot for your property. Adding different plants into your landscape is a very good way of boosting the aesthetics of your surroundings without compromising functionality. Plants are good for the environment. However, not all plants are good for your landscape. This is why you should consult landscaping experts before you make any decisions.

Tip – Landscapers can give you a lot of insights on what plants to use on your landscape

Choose resilient plants – there are plants that are not really that good at adapting to different climates. However, there are others that are simply resilient that no matter where you put them, they can still grow and remain perfect all year round. Ask your local Myrtle Beach landscaping expert about the different types of plants that are perfect in your area.

Always come prepared – a plan is one thing that you don’t want to forget when doing landscaping. Your project will be a hit and miss if you don’t really have a concrete plan about what to do with your landscape. For those people who don’t want to spend on a professional landscaper for lawn care, landscaping, and more, be sure to make a plan beforehand. Things like the types of plants, design of your landscape, and how you are going to sustain the looks of your landscape, are all parts of a well-thought plan.

Go for sustainable landscaping – there are different types of landscaping that would be perfect for your property. However, not all of them are easily sustained. If you choose to go the sustainable route, choose organic. While chemical-based landscaping products offer great results, organic landscaping also achieves similar output. The only difference is that you don’t have that much of an impact on the environment when you go organic. For instance, organic gardening will give you a better yield than chemical-based gardening would. Of course, that all depends if you want to eat healthy foods that are not laced with chemicals and pesticides.

Always consider hiring a landscaper – when you hire a landscaper, you are not only spending your money on anything. You are employing a person or a number of people who will work on your landscape to make it work harmoniously with your environment. Companies like Porter Hayes Landscaping LLC have the experience and the skills to back it all up.

Hiring experts for your landscaping project is one way of ensuring that everything goes accordingly. Without the help of professional landscapers, there’s a huge possibility that you could make mistakes. Do remember that not only will mistakes cost you money but your time as well. It normally takes some time for plants to grow to the correct size and making such mistakes means you have to wait longer for your landscape to be perfect.

Landscaping 101 – Using Berms

It’s highly likely that you have already seen a berm before. However, you might not have known what it is called and what it is for. Basically, in landscaping, a berm serves different purposes. One good example of the uses of a berm is on a golf course. You may notice that in a golf course, there are numerous highs and lows in the ground. This unevenness in the landscape is what makes the entire course feel unique which serves for the purpose of the game. The same could be said for landscaping your own garden. Berms serve either practical or pure aesthetic functions.

Tip – When making changes to your garden always seek the help of a landscaper

A berm is basically a mound of soil that goes unnoticed most of the time. For landscapers, this particular addition to the landscape can do a number of things. However, for homeowners who have never been involved with landscaping before or have not had enough experience in the matter would not know what a berm is. That’s one reason why it is always best to leave the Charleston landscaping tasks to the experts.

What are the uses of berms?

Berms are basically used for either adding looks to your garden or to add more function. For instance, elevating a certain section of your garden would highlight some areas. This creates an illusion that drives the attention to the focal point of your lawn. Think of berms as a way to divert the attention of onlookers from one part of your garden to the part you really want them to look at. Another functional reason for having berms is to help plant and vegetation. With the use of berms, you could actually create areas that hold more water than usual. This, in turn, helps the plants in the surrounding areas grow more roots as they get more water. For lawn care, berms help in making sure that your garden remains as green as possible.

How are berms formed?

Berms are basically just mounds of soil. However, you can’t just put them where you want them. It needs to be planned as to not affect the aesthetics of your garden. This is where professional landscapers come in. The best approach is to always hire an expert for your landscaping needs. Professional landscapers such as Porter Hayes Landscaping LLC have years of experience dealing with landscaping. They know just about anything about landscaping and they could do anything you want them to do.

Hiring professional landscapers allows the homeowner to simply enjoy the view without so much as lifting a finger. Landscaping is a fun weekend hobby. However, if you take into account the amount of effort that you need to put into it to make the results worth your while, you will find that it could be a bit overwhelming. However, with the help of landscapers, you can get the garden that you want without all the hard work of doing it yourself.

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