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Landscaping Tips: Important Considerations When Mulching In Spring

landscapingLandscaping Tips: Important Considerations When Mulching In Spring

Spring is the best time to mulch the beds on your commercial property in Charleston. As time goes by, pine straw and hardwood mulch will break down and your beds would need a new layer to enjoy all of the benefits. Fall clean-ups will also take a toll on your landscape beds and because of that you will lose some mulch. Another factors include wind, sun, and decomposition. Here are landscaping tips to help you  with mulching during spring.

Landscaping: Spring Mulching Tips

How much mulch does the lawn of your commercial property needs?

First of all, you should ask yourself the last time you added a fresh layer of mulch to your landscape beds? If you notice an existing mulch layer then you can add a thin one at about one inch to help restore the color. It will also boost the drainage, prevent erosion, and insulate the plant roots. You can add up to 3 inches of mulch on spots that are bare.

If you’re adding mulch on top of the soil on a new landscape bed in your commercial property, you need to add more mulch so you can properly insulate the plants while making a heat and moisture barrier. You need to add up to four inches. However, you must never add too much mulch because if you do, it could prevent nutrients from getting to the roots of your plants.

A landscaping professional can evaluate your landscaping Charleston SC beds and determine how much mulch it needs.

What types of mulch should you choose?

Pinestraw Mulch

It is a popular choice for mulching because of many reasons. It is widely available and offered in competitive prices. It creates a mulch that is beneficial to landscaping beds that are highly porous. This lets moisture get into the soil and get to the plant roots while protecting your lawn from erosion and run-off.

Pinestraw can retain its color much better than hardwood mulches. Additionally, pinestraw mulch will interlock because the material will let weed seeds to go through so they don’t take root. But, pine straw will break down faster than hardwood mulch so you have to replace it more than once a year.

Hardwood Mulch

Hardwood mulch comes in different colors according to the material. Hardwood mulches could be created from cedar, pine, cypress, and hardwood, among others. Some property owners prefer if they can choose the texture and color including chipped, shredded, nuggets, mini nuggets, and double milled. If you’re looking for a general purpose and great mulch, then a shredded mulch should be on top of the list according to landscaping experts. But nuggets and chips could last much longer and work well with play spaces and around trees. Don’t forget that nuggets and chips can get kicked around if there’s heavy foot traffic in the space where you added some mulch.

Regardless of what kind of mulch you select, a fresh layer would improve the visual appeal of your commercial property and then benefit the plants. Due to the protective advantages of mulch, it’s important to make sure that it is part of your landscape investments.


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