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Landscaping Tips For Your Front Yard

landscapeLandscaping Tips For Your Front Yard


What does it mean to have an effective front yard landscaping? As you may have imagined, the answer will depend on many things including the person who you ask.

Privacy and Curb Appeal

The term visible evokes a question, would you like to have more privacy or would you like to attract public glances into your property? A lot of homeowners strive for a more balanced approach. You may want to come up with a welcoming overall feeling while creating a privacy screen to conceal a part of your property from all the prying eyes.

There’s no need to worry because by planning a privacy screen properly will help enhance your property rather than detract from its curb appeal. While fencing like a lattice could be used to build a modest privacy screen for a small part of the lawn, homeowners general go for a living wall, which is a barrier that is comprised of shrubs.

 Defining Your Property

Even though a few erect privacy fencing that would screen out any prying eye from your neighbour or people from the street, not all types of fences could furnish privacy. Fences, in some cases, serve mostly for aesthetic purposes, which is to define the property. Consider a few of the post and rail fences that you may have seen. They offer neither security nor privacy. So what role do you want your fence to play?

The function of the fence is a visual definition. Borders take on a crucial role, visually, in your landscape Charleston. A well defined area will catch the eye better than one that’s open ended. To thes this kind of idea, you should go out for a drive and make it a point to take note which properties appear more finished. It could be guaranteed that you will find properties that are tastefully set off by stone walls, fences, or hedges to be more attractive compared to those that are not.

Driveway Design

If you have chosen a wall, fence, or hedge as a border, it would be breached by your driveway. Regardless if you have a gate or not, make sure that you pay close attention to your drive plantings, particularly on the entrance. Keep in mind that the first impression of the property that passersby would be greatly affected by the driveway entrance’s appearance.

Walkway Ideas

A lot of homeowners have a walkway which cuts across the lawn to the main entrance of their house. Its layout would vary depending on the purpose it serves. When its purpose is to lead your visitors from the street to the door that faces the street, then it must be straight. There’s no need to furnish such a path if you would like your visitors to enter through the back or side door.

House Entrances Ideas

Whether you decide to encourage the use of the door that’s facing the street as the main entrance or not, you still have to make this part of your property design’s focal point. Plantings surrounding the porch or the doorstep could tie the area into the rest of the landscaping, thereby encouraging unity in the design. In some cases, entryway plantings are generally part of the foundation bed.

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