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Landscaping Tips: How Pruning Can Improve Security and Visibility

landscaping CharlestonLandscaping Tips: How Pruning Can Improve Security and Visibility

Are you tired of seeing intruders in your parking lot? Do you want to get rid of everything that’s interfering with the pedestrian and is putting vehicle safety at risk? Are you looking to remove those overgrown shrub and tree branches that do not just block your views but also increase the likelihood of accidents in on your property? Here are some landscaping tips you need to know.

You need to include rejuvenation pruning into your landscaping routine. By getting rid of dying, damaged, and diseased limbs, you boost the conditions of the plants and trees, while increasing the room for new and healthy growth once spring comes. Rejuvenation pruning helps in right sizing overgrown plants and those that are crowding the landscape beds and perhaps spilling into your walkways and parking spaces.

Compared to light pruning which happens during the growing season in order to shape the shrubs and trees, rejuvenation pruning means you have to trim the branches. You need to get rid of the oldest branches except for the stub close to the ground. You can also cut back young stems and branches, but it’ll depend on the scenario.

Why does your landscape need rejuvenation pruning?

It’s not uncommon to see properties with mature landscaping that’s no longer safe and visually appealing. Overcrowded landscaping look unkempt and messy, and the encroaching branches can easily trip up guests. With rejuvenation pruning, you will improve your landscape’s safety and visibility. Landscaping experts say it helps create a more attractive and secure environment. It also increases the plants’ longevity by boosting their help, which helps you preserve your landscape investment.

When is the best time for rejuvenation pruning?

Dormant rejuvenation pruning must take place before the branches show growing buds. Dormant pruning is recommended during the winter season and before you start seeing warmer weather along with plant growth during the early spring.

What can you expect to see after rejuvenation pruning?

Apart from ensuring visibility and enhancing safety for drivers and pedestrians, rejuvenation pruning is a crucial aspect of a comprehensive landscape maintenance. The advantages include

  • Increased light exposure and air flow, which reduces the risks of diseases such as leaf spot and improves plant health
  • Damage and wounds are prevented by getting rid of crossed branches
  • Pruning promotes health and new growth
  • Increases fruit and flower production, boosting the overall appearance of the shrub and tree

A landscaping Charleston professional can evaluate the shrubs and trees on your residential property and find out which ones present a safety risk. These plants will then be their top priority once the rejuvenation pruning process starts.


Rejuvenation pruning offers a lot of benefits to your landscape. Call Porter Hayes Landscaping if you need the help of an expert in installing and maintaining your landscape.


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