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The Only Landscaping Guide You’ll Need For Front Yard

landscapingThe Only Landscaping Guide You’ll Need For Front Yard

Although there are no strict and standard rules for landscaping, experts and professionals do follow certain guidelines when planning a homeowner’s front and back yard. If you want your lawn to look professionally made, continue reading to find more about this guideline that professionals follow.

Why follow the professional landscaping guideline?

If you think choosing plants and where to place them would be enough for your lawn, you’d better think again. Your lawn is way more than that. There are lots of other aspects that professionals take into account when planning for a homeowner’s lawn. And most of them are critically important in maintaining a healthy front yard.

Aside from specifically choosing plants, bushes and trees – particularly those that compliment the style and structure of your home and, of course, are easy to take care of and maintain – a professional landscaper would also look at how to strategically place them in your yard. It is important that they are placed in areas where they get sufficient amount of sunlight and at a certain distance away from your house in order to ward off pest and prevent them from getting inside your home.

Another important aspect to consider are the hardscaping features of your lawn. These include the walkways, driveways, raised beds for certain plants, and decorative containers to further compliment your lawn. Keep in mind that your front yard helps improve your home’s overall appearance, particularly in enhancing its curb appeal.

Landscaping guidelines that professionals follow

For that professional yard look, follow these simple and easy landscaping Charleston guidelines.

1. Focus on the focal point – Experts agree that every section of your yard has a focal point. For example, the best focal point for your front yard is your front door. Thus, it is important that you plan your front yard landscape by focusing on your front door. Make sure it will not be hidden by the trees and shrubs that you plan to ads on your lawn. Strategically think about the best place to put your trees and shrubs where they will get sufficient sunlight for their growth without obscuring the view of your front door.

2. Opt for ground covers instead of grass – Most professional landscape specialists nowadays choose ground covers because of their many benefits over grass. One is that they require very little maintenance; thereby, making it easier for homeowners to maintain their entire front yard. Another is that they make your lawn look neat and well organized without putting a lot of effort to maintain it.

Plus, using ground covers will make it easy for you to add spring bulbs to your lawn. You wouldn’t have to worry about the dead leaves that spring bulbs produce after blooming because your ground cover will effectively hide them. However, be sure to do your research to find out the most suitable ground cover to use for your location, soil type, and trees instead of randomly choosing the most popular or affordable brand.

3. Strategically plan the pathway – Landscaping professionals agree that the best route to go for your lawn pathway is the direct and easiest route to your front door. No one wants to walk miles just to get inside your home! Plus, doing so will also prevent your guests and members of the household from cutting away from your pathway and finding their own way – which likely includes walking in the middle of your lawn – to your front door.

If you want them to take a tour of your lawn, create another path for this. Make sure that this path is decorated with your best plants, shrubs, and trees on both sides and that they will have a great view of your lawn to ensure they won’t get bored and take the short cut way.

4. Spend a lot of time choosing your foundation plants – Basically, when choosing foundation plants, you have to remember that they should not block your windows. Thus, they should be placed at least 6-8 feet from the house. Also, keep in mind that these plants grow out and change in appearance over time. So always consider how they will look like after several years before making a purchase. They might not block your windows now but they could after growing out in several years.

5. Shrub buffers for privacy – Experts suggest using shrubs to add privacy to your home. Shrubs act as great buffers because you can use a variety of plants to block the view from your house or even in just a certain room while also providing a welcoming look. Plus, they are also very flexible and versatile with regard to strategically positioning them throughout your yard as compared to a fence.

6. Use deciduous shrubs to deter animals – If you live in an area where there are wild animals roaming around in winter, you can use deciduous shrubs to ward them off of your property. These shrubs, according to landscaping experts, maintain their form even after losing leaves in the winter. Hence, when a deer or other wild animal decide to stroll around your neighborhood during winter, they wouldn’t be able to reach your lawn because of these shrubs.

7. Base your plant choices on the position of your house – Regardless on how your house is positioned, it will block your sunlight from your lawn. This is why it is important that you base your plant choices on the position of your house. Houses that face north blocks the yard for a great part of the day so the yard don’t really get that much sunlight. Houses that face east or west offer shading to yards only in the afternoon, leaving the yard exposed in sunlight for the greater part of the day. Choose your plants well based on the position of your house and place them strategically in your lawn to ensure that you will have a healthy looking front yard all throughout the year.

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