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Landscaping Maintenance For Dry Climates

landscapingLandscaping Maintenance For Dry Climates

Landscaping during dry seasons could be difficult because of too much heat and lack of water. Limiting the lawn size and selecting plants that can withstand drought are some of the ways to have a good looking yard. Aside from that, adding extra hardscaping elements could add more style. Finally, ensuring that landscaping makes the most of the runoff and integrates water conservation methods will help make sure that a successful landscaping in dry climates.

Planning Your Landscaping Maintenance

Sine grass needs water, if you need to have grass, limit the lawn size by adding more hardscaping elements and plants into your entire landscaping plan. You could also utilize your yard’s layout to your advantage. You should plant at the bottom of the slope to use the water runoff and think of using containers for plants that need more water.

Choosing The Right Plants

The kind of plant that you select is also crucial. Choosing plants that are tolerant to drought and native to drier weather conditions is a good place to begin. A few ornamental grasses have a tendency to be more water hardy, too. Other plants that are water hardy include goat’s beard, catmint, lavender, as well as the lady’s mantle.

Grouping the plants that have similar needs will help conserve water. Planting them while they’re still small will give them greater opportunities to adapt to the weather condition. Aside from that, raised beds can prevent the loss of water and much less mulch is required by dense flower beds.


If your landscaping Charleston SC needs much, you can use gravel to keep the soil moist while still preventing the growth of weeds. You could also make use of landscaping edging to stop weeds as well as other undesired vegetation that might consume more water from your yard. In case you have pavers as paths, you can leave gaps between them so that water will be encouraged to soak down into the ground. Adding elements like trees as well as big bushes would provide shade so that plants are protected from the heat of the sun. Using landscaping edging to assist in the separation of specific parts of your landscape will help in controlling water movement, too.


Landscaping experts said that hardscaping is a perfect way to add more visual interest without the need for additional plants. Big boulders and rocks could be utilized to direct the flow of water as well as runoff while still presenting visual interest. Decorative elements such as sculptures could also be included for more class and personality. Landscape edging that are strategically positioned could help prevent or encourage the movement of water throughout your landscaping.

Water Conservation

Landscapes in drier climates require water conservation because it’s crucial to use methods that will help save water. These include the utilization of drip irrigation systems, water runoff, as well as the collection of rainwater in barrels, soil furrows, as well as terracing. Water early in the evening or morning could help minimize the loss of water from evaporation during the hot water season. You can still have a lovely yard even if it’s dry season as long as you follow these methods.

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