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Landscaping Tips: When Is The Best Time For Pruning

landscapingLandscaping Tips: When Is The Best Time For Pruning

Landscaping professionals suggest pruning regularly. Did you notice some intruders in your landscape and parking lot that interferes with pedestrian as well as vehicle safety? Do you see tree branches and overgrown shrubs, or perhaps brush and shrubs that could block views and boost the possibility of accidents of your Charleston property?

Your landscaping Charleston SC may need rejuvenation pruning. You can boost the condition of your plants and trees by getting rid of dying and damaged limbs, or diseased branches while making some room for a healthy new growth once spring comes. Rejuvenation pruning is also advantageous for overgrown “right sizing” plants and are crowding the landscaping beds and probably spilling into the walkways and parking spaces.

Compared to light pruning that occurs during the growing season in order to shape shrubs and trees, rejuvenation pruning involves cutting more branches. First of all, the oldest branch will be removed except the stub that’s close to the ground. Young stems and branches could also be cut back, based on the scenario.

Landscaping Benefits: Benefits of Rejuvenation Pruning

  • Improved light exposure and air flow as you thin out the branches thereby improving the health of the plant and reducing the possibility of diseases.
  • Prevent damage and wounds by getting rid of crossed branches.
  • New and healthy growth is encouraged.
  • Boost the production of fruit and flowers, improve the overall appearance of tree and shrubs.

Do you see weak tree limbs handing over the walkways and parking spaces? Are there shrub growth trespassing on the walkways, which becomes an obstacle for pedestrians? Do you have a signage that’s being blocked by shrubs and trees?

Having mature landscaping that goes beyond what is visually pleasing and safe is not good. Crowded landscaping beds look unkempt and messy, and the encroaching branches may trip up your guests. With rejuvenation pruning, you can improve the safety and visibility of your property.

Rejuvenation pruning helps get rid of branches that may interfere of the sign lines and get rid of any diseased growth. This will help you create an attractive and secure environment.

You will even boost the plant’s longevity, which means you are preserving your investment. As you know, hiring a landscaping expert to help you with rejuvenation pruning is more affordable than replacing your plants. A dormant rejuvenation pruning must take place before you see buds on the branches.

Severe pruning may make a plant appear bear. Rejuvenation pruning lets your plants to focus energy on remaining leaves and trees. By doing so, shrubs and trees could flourish.

A landscaping professional could evaluate the shrubs and trees on your commercial property and find out which plants will pose a safety risk. Those plants are the first priority of rejuvenation pruning.

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