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How To Maximize The Landscaping Benefits Of Trees

landscapingHow To Maximize The Landscaping Benefits Of Trees

If you have not noticed yet, many Charleston professionals specifically choose which trees to include in your lawn and strategically plan where they should be placed. The reason for this is because trees are not only great additions to your lawn landscaping to help increase your curb appeal, they also serve various purposes that can be maximized when placed in the right position in your lawn.

Here are some of the most common benefits that homeowners can gain from trees

• Shade – Trees are great sources of shade, especially during summer. They help prevent too much light and heat from the sun from coming into your home, effectively contributing to creating and maintaining a lower temperature inside your home. As a result, you should not have to run your air conditioning units for long hours and, thus, have lower energy bills throughout the summer.

• Windbreak – There are certain types of trees that effectively serve as a buffer from strong winds; thereby, protecting your house from potential damage due to strong winds during hurricane season.

• Screening and privacy – If you don’t want to set up tall fences, which require continuous maintenance and upkeep, you can consider planting trees that will provide you with the privacy that you need. Some trees even work to reduce the amount of noise coming from the outside.

• Fruits – Another great benefit from planting trees in your backyard are its fruit. Fruit-bearing trees reward you and your effort in taking care of them with delicious and fresh fruits that you can eat whenever they are in season. Plus, it’s a great pride to tell your friends and family that you grow your own fruit right in your backyard.

• Ornaments – There are also trees that serve as great ornaments in your backyard. These trees work great to increase your curb appeal and, thus, the overall value of your home as well.

Factors to consider when choosing trees for your landscaping project

One of the keys in successfully maximizing the purpose of trees in your yard is choosing the right type of trees to plant. This does not only depend on the specific purpose you want the trees to serve, there are other factors that you need to consider to ensure that you are choosing the right trees for your lawn.

1. Height and width

When choosing trees, always remember that they will grow taller and bigger as the years pass. If you are not sure how big and tall they will become, ask the seller or seek professional advice from Porter Hayes Landscaping LLC.

It is important that you determine the size of the trees that you are getting for your lawn at their full maturity so you will know whether or not they will fit in your yard. Be sure to consider the height and width of the tree as well as the mass of its foliage. This will also allow you to plan how to effectively maintain the trees. You don’t want to always be cutting down branches and trimming your trees more than once a week. And you would not want to violate any local codes and regulations by having your trees reach utility lines.

2. Moisture needs

Every tree has different moisture needs. If you are buying locally, you don’t have to worry about moisture needs of the trees that you are buying since they already grow locally and, thus, are accustomed to your local weather and temperature.

On the other hand, if you are buying from a different state or city, you should verify the moisture needs of the trees you are considering buying to ensure they will not have difficulties adjusting and growing in your area. To help you choose trees, seek professional recommendations from a landscaping expert.

3. Soil pH needs

Different types of soils have different levels of pH and different trees have different soil pH needs to ensure their health. The first thing you will need to do is check your soil’s pH level. With this information, you will be able to determine which type of tree you should buy for your lawn. Make sure the trees that you will buy match your soil’s pH to ensure healthy growth.

Porter Hayes Landscaping LLC will help you choose the most appropriate trees to plant in your yard depending on your needs and the purpose that you need them to serve.

Essential Landscaping Tips In Planting Trees

Adding trees to your landscaping plan is a great way to ensure sufficient shading in your yard, while effectively bringing the effect of natural wildlife into your backyard. According to many homeowners this effectively boosts their spirits and lifts their mood whenever seeing trees in their lawn. Plus, it is indeed great to see trees grow in your yard sharing wonderful memories with you and your family.

If you have decided on adding trees in your yard, you should know that the process of planting trees is not easy and simple. It is important that you plan specifically where to plant the trees as they will remain in that spot in your yard for a long time.

Here are some important things that you need to remember in order to ensure that you effectively plant trees in your yard.

• Each tree has a specific purpose – Some trees provide shade, others offer sound proofing and privacy. Other purposes that trees may serve include increasing the value of your property and providing flowers and fruits. Determine what you want from your trees so you can effectively choose which ones to plant on your yard.

• Trees can be used to conserve your use of energy – Many Charleston landscaping experts will agree that trees can help you reduce your energy consumption if they are strategically and effectively placed throughout your yard. For example, trees with large crowns should be placed at the south side of your lawn to effectively create shading for your windows and roof. Trees with lower crowns, on the other hand, should be planted on the west side of your yard where it could effectively block the rays of the afternoon sun.

• A professional will help you effectively prepare your lawn for planting trees – Landscaping experts from Porter Hayes Landscaping LLC are trained and skilled in preparing lawns prior to planting trees. They are well experienced in digging lawns without damaging utility lines. They have the right tools for safe excavation and digging.

• The time you plant affect the growth and health of your trees – According to experts, there is a perfect time for planting trees. And the best time to do this is when it is cool or cloudy or during a humid fall day. If you have obtained your tree at an unfavorable time or weather, keep it in a cool and shaded area to prevent it from drying. It is also important to keep the roots moist at all times while you are waiting for the right time to plant them. If possible, soak the bare roots in a bucket of water the night before planting them.

• Preparing the tree before planting helps ensure success – It is important that you properly prepare the tree before planting. You can effectively do so by removing the plastic or metal container from the root ball, removing the sides of the fiber pots, and removing burlap or any rope that is tied around the truck that was placed to prevent it from moving too much when being transported. Make sure there are no reinforcement wires left on the tree before planting. It also helps if you tease out the root hairs while keeping the root ball intact.

• Trees grow bigger in time – A common mistake most landscaping specialist see when planting trees is that most homeowners forget to think about how big a tree will grow before planting them. How big your tree will grow should be considered when finding the perfect spot in your lawn to plant the tree. You can ask an expert for advice or the tree seller to find out how big it will grow. With this in mind, think about a spot in your lawn where the tree will have comfortable and enough room to grow.

• Some trees grow quickly, while some grow slowly – For those homeowners who would like to see a mature size tree quickly to benefit from its shade or sound proofing abilities should opt to plant trees that grow quickly. On the other hand, those homeowners who are looking to have stronger trees will benefit greatly from slow-growing trees. Aside from this, slow-growing trees are also found to be more resistant to damages from storm and strong winds.

• Placing fertilizer in the planting hole before placing the tree will damage the roots – There is a specific time for adding fertilizer on your trees. And this should be done every spring. Also, you have to remember not to put too much fertilizer. Use only what is appropriate. Keep in mind that too much fertilizer can harm your trees instead of helping them grow healthy.

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