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6 Landscape Projects To Improve Your Home

landscaping6 Landscape Projects To Improve Your Home

During the stay at home order, many homeowners have spent time gardening and landscaping. It’s safe to say that it has become a tradition during challenging periods. Take for example during the World War II, Victory gardens took on a crucial role for the home front effort. Americans managed to plant as many as 20 million Victory Gardens, which were responsible for about 40% of the vegetables during this period.

If you are looking for the best way to get outdoors and remain physically active, then yard work should be your top choice. You will be lifting things, building, and shoveling. You will keep on moving even if you are in your home.

However, you don’t have to spend the entire weekend landscaping your yard. It is better to break down your effort into smaller projects. You should play the long game and it is better to search for short term and simple gains.

Projects That Can Improve Your Landscaping


A brick or stone walkway is a perfect addition to any house. A walkway will connect various elements of your yard and enhance its overall look and feel. If you are planning a walkway, you have to consider the elevation loss or gain first, the walkway’s distance, and the decoration in the area of the yard. These things will help you in determining the kind of walkway for your yard.

It starts with digging out the route and then building the gravel base. Then sand will be added so that the pathway will be levelled out. The next thing to do is to design the pattern and then you can set the stone for its base. You may have to cut the bricks or tiles so it would fit the smaller sections but this would depend on the pattern. Once everything is done, you can now add the polymeric sand that would fill in the cracks and further stabilize the walkway.

Landscape Edging

Grass tend to creep out when it grows and then takes over the flowerbeds. Landscape edging is the best way to boost landscaping and add a few decorative elements. You could edge the lawn using a motorized edge or a shovel. Both methods work and they create a solid and nice edge.

When you make the edge, you could add bricks, rocks and wood to create a physical barrier between the grass and the flowerbeds. This will keep the place tidy and boost the appeal. The physical border will prevent the grass from spreading and then taking over the flowerbed. The kind of border that you select will depend on the length of the edge spots and the landscaping design.

Raised Planter Bed

One of the best ways to fill a space is to build planter beds. You can buy kids or design and then install the planter beds on your own. You can simply fasten a few pieces of wood together in order to create a planter bed. It’s the best project to improve your landscaping Charleston.

Fill the planter bed that you’ve built with soil. Use a mixture of organic material as well as topsoil. The planter box could be used to grow many things like vegetables, herbs, and flowers. You must be able to find a lot of seeds at a garden center.

Rose Bushes

If you want to add some color to your landscape then you should consider planting roses. They come in different colors like white, purple, orange, yellow, red, and pink. Rose are available in different styles, too. You can choose between ground cover roses and climbing roses. Some varieties blooms during summer while others bloom throughout the year.

Although you always have the option to buy seeds, a lot of homeowners go for grafted plants instead. Since they are already established, you can just plant them to your yard or grow them in pots. Start with one kind of rose first. Your yard will look cluttered if you have different kinds of roses intermingled together. You should also consult your landscaper for expert assistance.

Landscape Lighting

You can add decorative features to your property and that includes installing landscape lighting. It illuminates your landscape and make your property much safer.

It’s quite simple. You will find lights that are solar powered and do not require electricity. In case a line is needed, you can simply lay a 120-volt line from your home to a part of the landscape lighting. You should consider hiring a landscaping expert to help you with this task.

Plant A Tree

If you move into a new house or celebrate a significant milestone in life, you can mark this time of your life with a tree. Trees can add natural habitat, texture and beauty to your landscape. When you choose a tree, you have to select between evergreen and deciduous. You can buy a larger tree or a small seedling. It is easy to plant a tree. You can do it during fall season. Dig a hole, add organic material, and some sand, too. Plant the tree and then bury it. Just be sure to water it while the roots are trying to establish themselves and then leave it to rest during the winter season.

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