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Landscape Lighting Options For A Functional Yard

landscape lightingLandscape Lighting Options For A Functional Yard

What kind of score would you give the beauty of your yard? Does your score really fit the look or are you not seeing it the way others do? Perhaps the greens that are overgrown onto the sidewalk look cool to you, but how do they look to everyone else? Your idea of rustic might be more like sloppy and unkempt to others. We know you want your landscaping ideas to be functional as well as beautiful, so here we have listed a few good ideas for accomplishing that very simply from landscape lighting professionals themselves.

Simple Yet Functional Landscaping Lighting Ideas

Lighting. Your lighting options for landscaping should not only be functional, but they can set a nice mood or feel as well. Dim lights along the path are pretty, but make sure they aren’t so dim that they serve no functional purpose. Your walkway should be lit well enough for people to be safe when coming to your door. To enhance the beauty of your trees, consider placing a couple of spotlights at the base of the trees. This can instantly dress up your overall look on your property, the same way that Christmas lighting can add sparkle.

Outdoor Space. Remember to invest in landscape lighting Charleston for your outdoor areas like patios or balconies. This will allow you to get much more enjoyment and use out of these areas even after the sun has gone down. Lawns and garden areas are beautified by nighttime lighting and you should enjoy this area of the design process.

Think Safety & Security. Your outdoor lighting can not only improve the function of those outdoor spaces, but they also make them safer for you and your guests. If you have stairways or steps on a deck, etc., you should make sure they are properly lit. Even crime can be deterred with good lighting because most burglars don’t want to be hanging out where it’s nice and bright!

Trends. There are lots of outdoor lighting options trending right now in landscaping. One of the most popular is the use of solar-powered lights and lamps. They’re great because they charge while the sun is shining during the day and will come on automatically as the evening comes. Because they do not require electrical wiring, they’re very easy to install.

Plants. When you think of planting your garden area, don’t make the common mistake of only planting things that will bloom during summer or spring. There are lots of plants and flowers that bloom at all times of the year, so do some research or ask your local nursery for help and plant a wide variety of flowers so that you can enjoy them all throughout the year, no matter what the season is.

Finally, don’t forget about those places where greens come up against sidewalks or driveways. Be sure that you fertilize your grass well so it will look lush and green all the way up to the edges. Your home will be much more beautiful with a healthy lawn and it can take months to bring an unhealthy lawn back to life. Everyone loves to see that gorgeous carpet of thick, green grass, and it’s not hard to obtain! With great lighting and great landscaping options that are simple and blooming all year, you can have an outdoor space that will tremendously boost your home’s value, as well as provide enjoyment for you and your friends & family no matter the time of year.

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