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10 Landscape Design Mistakes Not to Make This Fall

landscaping10 Landscape Design Mistakes Not to Make This Fall

Fall is the perfect time to sit back and observe all that nature has to offer in your outdoor relaxation area. From altering colored leaves to the cooler temperature levels, fall is the ideal period to capitalize on all that the season offers with outdoor entertaining and enjoying your family home. Since the fall season is upon us, don’t believe that your work is done! This period still needs normal grass, landscaping as well as aesthetic allure maintenance to maintain your residence looking excellent throughout the winter and into next spring.

Below are 10 landscaping mistakes not to make this fall

1. Do not forget painting the outside of your residence.

While you could be thinking that landscape design only refers to living plants and ground cover around your outdoor living area, the outside paint shade of your house plays a huge function in the general appearance of your exterior. Autumn is the excellent time to go with a brand-new paint job, or retouching breaking paint and repair siding before painting could show off your landscape program in the very best light.

2. Don’t forget hardscape areas are just as important as soft landscape design:

Landscaping can be broken into two smaller sized groups– soft and hard. Soft landscaping is planted and alive with texture and color. While hardscaping refers to walkways, driveways, rocks, mulch as well as pavers placed around your house for home security, decorative features and also charm. Powerwash your driveway to keep them tidy throughout the autumn months and into the cold weather.

3. Don’t overlook plant boxes below your home windows for adding texture

Window or plant boxes are a fantastic landscaping design method to add appeal to your exterior residence and also to add color to your exterior colored surface area, brick or siding. Plant boxes are best for homes that don’t have a lot of lawn area but still want to include greenery to your home’s frontage.

4. Do not mistake the elegance of fallen leaves as a factor not to rake

If you live in a home that has lots of fully grown and older trees in your area, you might get caught up in the nostalgia of falling fall leaves, however, they could also be dangerous if not raked regularly. Fallen leaves can hide walkways that need repair or could be wet and slippery. This is especially dangerous for children and the elderly that have difficulty walking.

5. Fall doesn’t imply the end of swimming pool maintenance

For numerous pool home owner’s the end of summertime symbolizes the capability to quit working on the swimming pool upkeep and also forgetting about it until the following springtime! Think again– during the unused months of your pool, you should still maintain it’s chemicals balance, and also take care of fallen debris, leaves and pests will certainly have to be cleaned weekly.

6. Do not make the blunder of disregarding your yard tools

Every autumn your backyard and horticulture devices get put away in your tool shed or garage and are forgotten about until the springtime. Before you allow them to “hibernate” for the colder months, guarantee they are all functioning, cleaned off from dirt and debris and are stored appropriately. Do not let dirt, wetness or various other debris make your tools pointless in the interim months.

7. Don’t think that your fall yard doesn’t may need plant food and treatment

Even if your fall grass isn’t really growing at the same quick development as the summer season, your grass still requires upkeep such as cutting and also fertilizing. A trip to your regional nursery or home improvement facility for regional growing guides based upon your climate and also demographic will prove beneficial. An autumn lawn that is fed will keep it from being damaged in the winter months.

8. Remember your neighbors in the autumn

Because fall is a time when family members become busier with school, work and extra-curricular tasks, do not overlook your neighbor’s view as well as safety in the care of your exterior home. Keep in mind to maintain your shared sidewalks raked without leaves as well as ensure overlapping tree branches are maintained trimmed and risk-free far from power lines for fall and winter month’s rain and snow and ice storm damages

9. Remember to plant spring bulbs this fall for colorful blooms next year

The fall is the very best time to start considering colorful blossoms growing in the spring. Consult your local Charleston landscaping company on what blooming bulbs are best to plant currently while the soil is still soft before winter months’ frost. You will enjoy how your autumn planting will result in a stunning yard in the springtime. Guarantee you follow grower’s instructions as well as plant them low into the ground to stop freezing of your bulbs.

10. Utilize vibrant ground cover to add visual curb appeal

While you could assume autumn means that your outdoor home will not have shade, you can compensate for this with vivid ground covering solutions. Colored rubber mulch or wood mulch varieties provide a gorgeous backdrop for evergreen trees as well as coniferous plants. Ground embracing plants like cranberry cotoneaster and also various other hedge plants can create a fall show of shade your outside house will certainly enjoy!

Fall is a great time to design and install the outdoor living area of your dreams. With the right Charleston landscaping company, Porter Hayes Landscaping, you can be enjoying the cool fall weather and entertaining our friends and family.

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