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Landscape Design Ideas For Your Charleston Home

landscapingLandscape Design Ideas For Your Charleston Home

A stunning home is great to have but outdoor living could also provide you with so much more.  At Porter Hayes Landscaping, our team can work with your terrain and build you the lawn you want. Our design team will help you decide the types of gardens, landscaping, hardscapes, water features, gardens and even the cooking spaces that you want to include in your outdoors space. If you have a dream landscape, our experts can bring it to life.

Landscape Design Ideas

Dazzling Pool

If you want a splashing family fun area or a stunning watery oasis, then a swimming pool can upgrade your simple Charleston yard. Our pool builders could insert your dream pool into your outdoor oasis regardless of your yard’s dimension. Hire a professional who can maximize the space you have and create the perfect pool for you.

Outdoor Eating

A picnic table and a grill are nice however having an outdoor kitchen could totally transform your family meals. Summer entertainment in your home in Charleston would not be complete if it does not have amazing food. Our expert landscape design experts could provide you with a convenient and stunning outdoor kitchen to make those delectable meals.

Decks, Patios, and Pergolas

After all the fun under the sun, spending time at home means comfort and relaxation. Having patios will be a great addition to your swimming pool and it can be a foundation for your outdoor kitchen. A covered pergola or a sunning deck or a beautiful patio will complement a pool or just be the best place for entertaining guests and for relaxing.

Fantastic Fire Pits

Another major attraction for entertainment purposes and for families in general is a fire pit. It offers wonderful family gathers during cool summer evenings and extend the fun well into autumn.

Designing your new landscape Charleston design must be an enjoyable process and Porter Hayes Landscaping team knows just how to make all these happen. Our team has a streamlined process that will help you avoid unexpected delays and unwelcome changes, our team has the experience and the tools to let you experience the magic even before the actual work starts.

You will be offered complete control and that is why you have to know the whole process before the landscaping starts. Although every project is unique, the basic steps included the process are as follows:

  • Consultation with the landscaper to discuss your vision
  • Budget and initial plans are created
  • Landscaping imaging will be used to provide you with options
  • Detailed analysis of your yard
  • Initial design is made
  • A master design is made using innovative imaging technology
  • Review the landscape plan
  • Start building

You are the most important part of the job and the goal of Porter Hayes Landscaping is to provide you with more than just customer satisfaction. Our objective is for all our customers to be delighted with all the aspects of our service from landscape design to final clean up.

Call Porter Hayes Landscaping if you need the help of an expert in creating the perfect landscape for your home.

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