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Key Elements of Landscape Design

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Key Elements of Landscape Design

What makes a landscape design stand out? Is it the range of plants, flowers, and types of grass that cover the whole lawn? Is it the fence that appears to frame the whole garden? Or is it the water fountain that sits right in the middle of every evergreen, plant and grassy area? The response is not on the specific element that fills up the garden however how these individual components are integrated to make a fantastic looking landscape design. How can one attain this?

Key Elements to Ensure Your Landscape Stands Out

To display unity or harmony in your design the components should go together as one and must reveal consistency and design. All the parts should, therefore, fit into a theme making them interact to form a harmonious combination of lines, colors, curves, and elements. This is the most crucial thing that ought to display the overall style. In order to achieve unity in design, mass planting and repetition should be implemented. Every element must be examined for every element of the design for aesthetic appeal and function. Hence, unity or harmony unites everything that is used in a landscape style without spoiling the usefulness and jeopardizing the appeal.

Focal Point

A landscape design would not be complete without a centerpiece. A centerpiece provides directions on the lines and curves and offers meaning not only to the whole landscape design but likewise to every aspect within the plan. Popular landscape centerpieces like a pond or pool, a flower bed or a unique tree, or a fountain or artificial waterfalls. The centerpiece of a landscape design needs to direct the traffic in the garden area.


Proportion describes the size of the parts of the landscape design Charleston in respect to one another, to the landscape style as an entirety, and to the residential or commercial property, structures, and human elements. As an example, placing a small waterfall in the center of a large garden with trees and shrubs would shrink the effect of the water centerpiece. A big oak, on the other hand, may not compliment a one-story house. The point is, the relationship of each part ought to be within the affordable size and should not dominate the presence of the others.

Balance and Symmetry

This is another essential aspect that can throw off the entire landscaping plan if not utilized properly. There are some landscape designs that might look a bit agitated and uncomfortable. This is because they do not have proportion and balance. The curves, lines, and bents are tiring; using plants and ground overlays are inappropriate; and the repeating of all the components do not have a variety. To accomplish balance, the landscape style ought to have an excellent use of line, shape, texture, kind, and color all at the same time. The design needs to repeat and somewhat vary from one location to another, and the plants and ground overlays need to be in tune with all the other elements of the design.


A landscape design ought to not be exaggerated just to stick out from the whole area. Simplicity is the secret. It likewise opts for the faithful concerns to 4 pointed out crucial elements.

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