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Irrigation System: Smart Way To Water Your Lawn

irigation systemIrrigation System: Smart Way To Water Your Lawn

Having an irrigation system is crucial since watering your lawn correctly is important in keeping a green and lush lawn. The grass will die if it gets too little water. If it gets too much water, it’ll become oversaturated and it will die. Some people think it’s a basic lawn care routine but many of them don’t have any idea how to do it correctly.

To give you with an easy to follow and time proven method on how to water properly, here’s a few irrigation Charleston tips you need to know.

Lawn Care: How To Water Your Lawn Correctly

Water in the Morning

The best time to water your lawn is before 10 am. During this time, the breeze is calm and the temperature, which helps keep evaporation to a minimum. Plus, morning watering will keep the turf much cooler during a warm day, which means the grass will be less stressed.

Soak The Soil At Least 6 Inches

You should water your lawn enough for the soil to get moist. The water should reach at least 6 inches below, since it is the average depth of the grass root system. However, every lawn has a different soil and that means your property has unique watering needs.

Use Pulsating Sprinklers Instead of Oscillating Sprinklers

The best way to water the lawn is to use an in ground irrigation system that comes with a pop up sprinkler. The timer will automatically water the lawn at the set time and offer a specific amount of water for your lawn. Having an effective irrigation system is a good investment especially if you are planning to stay in the house for a long time.

Be Gentle With New Grass

If your lawn has mature grass then pulsating sprinklers will work best with them. However, if you have a lawn that’s been newly planted, then the intense stream of water might wash away the seeds and it could erode the soil. If you have a new lawn, you should use an oscillating sprinkler instead. The water it gives off is not too strong and the stream of water is software once it lands.

Water 2x A Week, At Most

There are different factors to be considered when it comes to determining how often you should water your lawn. If your lawn has clay soil, then you should water once a week. If the soil is sandy then you have to water every three days. Some homeowners think that they should water their lawns as often as their landscape plants. They water it for 15 minutes every day. You might think that giving more water is good, but it’s not. Bear in mind that you must not overwater your lawn.

Use A Timer

In most cases, homeowners turn on their sprinkler and then check the clock and try to remember when to turn it off. The problem is that many of them completely forget that their sprinkler is running. They don’t just waste water but they also oversaturate their lawns. That’s why you need to purchase a lawn sprinkler timer.


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