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Importance of Proper Irrigation Management During Remodel

Irrigation CharlestonImportance of Proper Irrigation Management During Remodel

During summertime, the irrigation period remains in full speed. A school in South Carolina with a main control irrigation system lost telephone connection. This phone line is simply among the many connections within this school’s telecommunication network. So what is the big deal regarding this one?

Well, this specific phone line was used by the irrigation supervisor to link the irrigation systems on-site control to the phone line. We are speaking about an irrigation system that covered over 30 acres of landscape, a football area, a softball/baseball area, and practically 200 irrigation control shutoffs. The whole system was offline as a result of this currently endangered phone line and this may be caused by a number of factors.

Irrigation Management

What could have caused this interruption in phone connection?

  • Probably the power supply on location was disturbed which would certainly close down the modem and cut off contact.
  • Or the telephone number was terminated by the customer considering that the contact number is just made use of for irrigation monitoring functions

But no matter why, the only means to find the issue is to see the location.

In this situation, the phone line lies in an indoor space at the school. This space was the safety and security area for a number of years, yet that changed just recently. Unbeknownst to the irrigation supervisor, this area was being renovated. Which, certainly, implied that the telephone line was unplugged. –problem solved

Merely connecting the phone line back right into the wall surface was not the solution. A component of the remodel consisted of shutting off the formerly active phone jack. All of the phone links in this space had all been taken offline entirely.

One choice was for the landscape service provider to run the irrigation by configuring each controlled independently. However, that is not an eye-catching alternative since that would certainly take an entire day’s worth of work at the very least. It would also indicate attempting to work with just how much water each irrigation controller performed at a time because they all shared two water resources. Excessive water running at one-time leads to low pressure, poor protection from the lawn sprinklers and bad-looking turf.

Due to the irrigation systems equipment, formerly set program and long-lasting irrigation administration, the water pressure concern are conveniently handled during the night. But that was prior to the phone line closing down.

What to do?

Well, the very first choice was to relocate the device with the phone modem to the huge utility room where the major telephone switching systems are. This implied there would be to an extra telephone jack that can be conveniently turned on as well as be offered for the modem.

There was an issue. The cable path for the irrigation controllers lay outside and where exactly the cable path from inside the telephone area went outside was unidentified. Discovering this inside-to-outside cord path was vital in order for the phone modem to link to the university irrigation controllers.

Seeking this unidentified cable path was not also tried due to the fact that the irrigation supervisor had a far better choice to try. It included relocating the phone modem outside to a place where it can quickly be attached to the irrigation cable course. There is a protected, weatherproof room currently in position.

While this area remodel had an unanticipated and severe result on the irrigation system, it was understandable. It took some creativity, fast action and the best innovation by the irrigation supervisor in order for this circumstance to not result in frustration and added expenditure for the landscape specialist or for the customer.

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