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Landscaping Ideas For A Low Maintenance Yard

landscapingLandscaping Ideas For A Low Maintenance Yard

A lot of people want to build a nice landscape in their garden but don’t want to deal with the hassle of constant maintenance. It holds true for most homeowners who don’t have enough time to do everything over the weekend. On the other hand, you could always hire landscaping experts to do everything for you. However, if you don’t see this as an option, you could always look for other alternatives. Choosing the right plants, for example, will offer the benefits of a beautiful landscape without constant maintenance.

Low-maintenance landscaping is relatively easy with the right kind of plants

  1. Ditch the turf and in with ground covers – a huge portion of your landscape would most likely be covered by turf. And with that comes plenty of maintenance. Turf won’t survive on its own or at least not look as pleasing when it is given little maintenance. For the people at home who don’t want to dig in the dirt for most of their weekend, ground covers are a better option. You don’t really need to replace all of your turfs but in problem areas. Of course, you would need to find the appropriate ground cover to fill in those areas. If you don’t have any clue as to what are the best suited for your area, hire landscaping Charleston services.
  1. Use resilient, drought-resistant plants – when you live in an area with only a few inches of rain per year, it’s best to use plants that are tolerant to heat or those that require little water to thrive. The key here is to choose the plants. Even with little water, some plants may be able to survive. Again, it’s best to hire a landscaper who knows which plants to choose. It is essential that the correct plants are chosen or else you will end up purchasing plants that will just die a few weeks later.
  1. Choose low-maintenance shrubs and trees – when you come to think of it, plant selection is everything in a good landscape. When you pair dwarf globe spruce, barberry, and upright juniper, what you get is a bunch of plants that require little maintenance. These plants typically reach maturity quite fast and they don’t grow as tall or produce as many unwanted branches. That’s why these plants are commonly selected by landscapers who plan on putting as much maintenance as possible.
  1. Add permeable hardscape – adding hardscape to your garden is one way of keeping the required maintenance low. Hardscape essentially reduces the number of greeneries that you have in your garden. Not that it doesn’t add any aesthetic value to the garden but it also adds to the overall looks of the landscape. The lawn care needed isn’t also as intense when you have hardscape installed.
  1. Avoid labor-intensive plants – if your goal is to have a landscape that’s as hands-free as possible, you should avoid labor-intensive plants altogether. Not that you should stay away from the plants that you love but you should bear in mind that not all plants require so much attention. Pick the plants that need the least attention so you could put more into other aspects of your landscape.

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