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Ideas For Your Winter Landscape

landscapingIdeas For Your Winter Landscape

During the winter, your landscape will experience a drastic transformation that will give you a different perception of planning. There’s a different shade to winter that you should take into account. Everything withers away and what’s left of your landscaping will be your view for the entire season. However, your landscape shouldn’t look awful in winter. With the right planning and implementation, you can still have a great looking landscape even in the winter.

Preparing your landscape for winter is not as hard as it seems

  1. Focus on the bark – trees, and shrubs may shed their leaves during fall but this is a good thing. Leaves don’t survive in the harsh cold of winter. However, this is the time when trees and shrubs showcase the beauty of their bark that doesn’t often get noticed when leaves and flowers are in full bloom. Of course, you will need to select the right variety of trees and shrubs. Fortunately, winter isn’t as harsh for the landscaping Charleston as with other regions.
  1. Include berries – not all shrubs lose their berries in the fall. Some of them carry them over until spring. That means you will still have them around while in winter. Of course, the color of the berries alone is enough contrast to make a difference in your landscape.
  1. Choose evergreens – there’s a reason why they call them evergreens. Basically, these plants retain their color throughout the year and that includes winter. An interesting about them, though, is that they don’t come in one color. In fact, evergreens also come in yellow, blues, and some colors in between. As you could imagine, planting evergreens in your landscape will make it much more vibrant during the winter.
  1. Assess your focal points – are your focal points suited for winter or do they lose their vibrancy during the season? It’s best to assess this portion of your landscaping effort early on. You don’t want to plan this when it’s nearing fall. This should be planned ahead to ensure that everything plays out. Of course, you could always hire landscaping services to make your life easier.
  1. Hire a landscaper – one of the best things that you can do (and probably the easiest) is to hire a landscaper. Landscaping services vary on your location. However, the gist of it is that you get people who know their craft and apply their knowledge to your landscape and transform it into something beautiful. At least that’s the thought of it. Looking for a good landscaper can be a bit tricky.

When hiring a landscaper, always make sure you check out their previous jobs. This means going over to the locations of their previous customers. Pictures alone will not suffice. Anyone could take a picture of some garden and claim it as their own. Asking for references and verifying them is another thing. Professionals like Porter Hayes Landscaping LLC have been around for a while and has an upstanding reputation. These are the kind of landscaper you will want to hire for your landscaping project.

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