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How to landscape for curb appeal

landscaping charleston scHow to landscape for curb appeal

Curb appeal is a key contributor to the value of your home, along with location. What determines curb appeal? The landscaping Charleston SC in your front yard. A study has shown that landscaping can increase your home’s perceived value by 5-11%. Your front yard is what people see when they pass your home or come up to it.

These easy DIY projects and outdoor decor will help you improve your landscaping and curb appeal. These projects can be completed in a weekend and are affordable.

These are 12 front yard landscaping tips that will add curb appeal to your home.

1. Rock features can be added

Even if you are using a different material to border your garden beds, rocks and stones can be used to add a natural accent. Rocks can also be used to beautify your front yard. For example, you could make a spillway for your rain gutters. This will prevent the area from becoming too muddy. You can also break up a bed and add pea gravel borders along your walkways. Depending on the amount of surface you cover, this project will cost between $20 and $50.

2. Add lighting

The best thing about landscaping lights is that they are solar-powered and inexpensive. You can choose the colors you want, place them in the ground near your walkway, or border a flowerbed and allow them to power up at night.

Upgrades can be made to add unique features such as lanterns or lighting that recesses into walkways, or faux rocks that blend seamlessly into the landscape with integrated lights.

3. Hardscaping

It is easy to update or refresh the borders on your flowerbeds and change the look of the plants and other features. Pre-made blocks, natural stone, and pavers are all great options, depending on the style of your home.

4. To hide unsightly areas, plant groundcover

Some yards may not be flat and grass will not grow in all areas. Ground covers, such as Pachysandra can be used to give greenery and color in areas that are difficult or shaded. Ground cover doesn’t have to take over areas where grass or other features are shining. It can be maintained with seasonal lawn care.

5. Plant shrubs in your front yard

Perennial shrubs like Hydrangeas as well as Azaleas can be planted year after year to bring color to your front yard. They are inexpensive at around $40 and easy to maintain. For more information on planting perennials, such as how to place them in the right space and when to prune, or how to trim them to avoid unwieldy growth, consult your local nursery.

6. Make a garden around your mailbox

Place annual flowers or Creeping Jasmine next to your mailbox. A simple border can be used to add a bit of mulch. The entire scape is easy to create and costs only $75. It can also add personality and color to your driveway’s end.

7. Recycle old mulch

Mulch in a garden bed does not necessarily mean it looks great. Mulch can dry and make your garden beds look worse for wear. Mulch can dry out, leaving your landscape looking drab. Use a dark-colored mulch to revive your landscaping. It will look great with shrubbery and flowers. Bags of mulch can be purchased at your local home improvement shop for as low as $10 per bag. Your flowerbed size will determine how much mulch you need.

8. Flower bed

A flower bed can give your front yard a lot more character if it already has a tree. These beds should be matched or at least aligned with the front of your home. You can add color with perennials and annuals. This project can cost anywhere from $100 to $300 depending on what border you choose and the plants you purchase.

9. Get your grass cut.

Your house’s original charm can be lost if your lawn is dull. Renting an aerator machine will increase the nutrients’ penetration, resulting in a lusher and healthier lawn. A simple reseeding will fill in any gaps and prevent patches from developing on your entire property.

10. Shade trees can be planted

A native hardwood tree will add beauty and color to your home’s exterior with its bright spring blooms or vibrant fall colors. Although some trees can be expensive and require special care, the majority of trees in your area are resilient and hardy and are affordable at your local nursery. A large tree will cost you between $100 and $200, plus delivery costs.

11. Ornamental colored trees can be planted

A large shade tree will add an elegant touch to your front yard landscaping. However, a subtle pop of color from a Japanese maple or other colorful trees such as the Japanese maple will create a focal point in your yard. While some Japanese maples are expensive, others can be found for as low as $100. These trees are also easy to grow and can be used by beginners. Cherry trees are a bold choice if you feel brave.

12. Set up a birdbath

A lightweight, antique-style birdbath can be purchased for as low as $40. Birdbaths can be used to create a water feature in your garden without having to worry about water connections or maintenance. You’ll be a bird-watcher in no time.

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