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How To Have a Perfect Backyard

landscape designHow To Have a Perfect Backyard

With the weather finally going your way, it’s the perfect time to think about the outdoors. Nobody wants to have a mediocre backyard but how can you create one that’s perfect? Well, that is relative. There are some elements that go beyond budget, location, and personal style into a beautiful landscaping. They develop a structure where you can build on and create a unique and special outdoors pace.

5 Secrets For A Perfect Backyard

Create a Floor Plan

You will spend a lot of hours in your backyard once it’s been completed. So, it’s sensible to spend time planning the space just like what you’d do for a room inside your home.

There are landscape designers and landscaping computer programs that could assist you in planning the best spots for each backyard element that you wish to add. The benefit of working with an expert instead of a program is that a landscape designer can give you a style input that would spark your imagination.

Begin with fixed elements where you will spend the majority of your time and proceed from there. It’s crucial  to know where a deck or a patio, brick pizza oven, or hot tub will go first. You may also plan to add some landscaping beds around them.

Generally speaking, you would want entertaining spaces close to the back door of the house. This will help make carrying drinks and food a lot easier and more convenient. The spaces that are located farthest from your home should include items that you don’t want to see like lawn or gardening equipment.

Design Shade If Not’s Available Naturally

Even though sunshine is excellent, you should need to have some shade. You can create naturally shaded places by having mature trees in your yard. In case the trees are not placed in a good spot, or in case there are no trees, you can create artificial shade. The simplest method to block the sun is by using umbrellas. You’ll find portable ones that you can move around. A pergola with fabric awnings or all weather curtains offers a more fixed shady spot.

Install Outdoor Lighting

When it comes to modern exterior lighting, you can add as few or as many fixtures as you want. You should consider adding patio lighting, deck lighting, or whimsical lighting. Layered lighting allows you to make adjustments according to your outdoor activities. You can brighten the entire backyard if you are hosting an evening BBQ or add an ambient lighting if you are having an intimate evening.

Low Maintenance Plants

You can keep your yard looking its best by choosing to add low maintenance vegetation. If you have no idea which flowering plants, shrubs, or grass to add, you should consult a landscape designer Charleston.

Privacy is Crucial

Having a private place is much better than having a comfortable one that is open to the surrounding areas. A perfect backyard will have elements that would block neighboring views.

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