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Great Summer Landscaping Ideas

landscapingGreat Summer Landscaping Ideas

Have you always wanted to create beautiful summer landscaping for your backyard but don’t know where to start?

Summer offers all kinds of opportunities to have fun with your friends and family in the comfort of your own backyard, so why not have some fun with your backyard landscaping too? Whether you love sitting under the stars or curling up on a hammock with a good book, let us help you turn your backyard into your own personal oasis. Keep reading for some great summer landscaping Charleston ideas!

5 Summer Landscaping Ideas To Get You Started

Splash Of Fun. If you love to watch sprinklers dancing around the yard, then get a few special ones that will shoot water in different designs and shapes. Not only will your lawn get watered, but it also provides some relief from the heat for anyone playing outside. For the kids, let them put a little plastic lawn chair under the sprinklers for some added fun. At night, you could even set lights up so that the water is colored.

The Romantic Backyard. If you love a good romantic night under the stars with your honey, then try getting some little votive candles to hang from the trees or small gas lanterns. You can also use white twinkle lights like you would use at Christmas and string them in the trees, creating a romantic spot to spread a blanket and do some star gazing.

The Backyard Blaze. If you love a blazing fire, consider adding a fire pit to your backyard. They are not expensive and can be bought in any home improvement store. All you need for some cozy evenings by the fire are some comfy cushions or chairs, some marshmallows for roasting and maybe a s’more or two!

Fragrant Summer Nights. One way to add drama and romance to your backyard landscaping design is by adding fragrant plants and flowers. Try jasmine, lemon verbena, or many other herbs like basil and rosemary to add a beautiful fragrance. You can also use fragrance-giving flowers like roses or honeysuckle. Some of these plants would do great planted at the bottom of an arch so they can climb the arch as they grow. All you need now is a garden mattress to lie on with a good book and a cup of tea!

The Relaxing Siesta Backyard. For this idea, all you have to do is close your eyes and take a deep breath and imagine yourself relaxing…try hanging a hammock for some lazy afternoon naps. If you don’t have trees to hang it from, then you can buy them with a stand that it can hang on. Make it super comfy with overstuffed cushions or pillows and a waterproof container nearby to hold blankets for curling up with. Add a good book and life doesn’t get any sweeter!

These are just a few tips to get you started, but the ideas are limitless. Think about the things you love to do most and transfer that to your backyard summer landscaping. If you love entertaining, then create a cozy party atmosphere and remember that lighting is everything! Visit your local home and garden center and get inspired. The Internet is a wealth of ideas, and you might be surprised at how affordable having a beautiful backyard really is.

Don’t settle for a boring backyard this summer—call Porter Hayes Landscaping LLC and let us help you create your landscaping vision!

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