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Why Fall Is The Perfect Time for Hardscaping Projects?

hardscapingWhy Fall Is The Perfect Time for Hardscaping Projects?

The fall season is known as the off period for residential and commercial landscaping. However, did you know that these colder and slower months offer the best chance to do your hardcaping project?

Hardcaping is the addition of non living elements into your landscape. These include patios, wood arbors, flagstone pathways, retaining walls, paver walls, walkways, stone and brick walls, hardscape is a crucial part of a landscape design, giving a sense of organization and definition of the landscape’s natural features.

How To Add Hardscaping To Your Landscape Design

  1. Less Collateral Damage

Regardless of how carefully planned and executed your hardscaping Charleston project is, it cannot cause any damage to your property’s living elements. Trees, shrubs, plants, and grass call all be impacted during the installation of your hardscape. However, during the fall season, these living elements will start to become dormant and they will become less susceptible to intrusion and damage. Placing the plywood boards on the grass will cause less stress during the fall season and insufficient foliage on trees and plants will make moving the materials and equipment a simpler task.

  1. Save Time and Money

During the fall season, landscaping companies are eager to find work. Their crews will be available and project managers can take on hardscape projects at a much lower price. Fall hardscaping projects could also be completed at a faster rate. Landscaping companies will have more crew to allocate for your project.

  1. Impress Your Guests

Winter means the holiday season is about to come. It’s the perfect time to spend with family and friends. Hardscaping will bring a strong and clean line to your property. It will show uniformity and definition. It also helps build up the value of your property. Your house will be the perfect gathering place for you and your loved ones during the holiday season. Plus, with the hardscaping elements, you’ll get to impress your guests.

  1. Be Ready For Spring

Implementing hardscaping projects during the fall season will provide optimal time to enjoy the landscape of your property when the weather starts to warm back up. Your hardscaping will be cleaned, dried, set, and ready to use once spring comes. Waiting to begin hardscaping projects during summer will take more time to finish and it will also limit your chance to use your outdoor area at the time you need it the most.

There are a few things you need to remember for your hardscaping project.

  1. Don’t set the mortar in temperatures that are lower than 40 degrees.
  2. You should use plastic snow shovels only for your hardscaping project.
  3. Hardscape projects that have been newly set must be costed with masonry or stone sealant before the first snow comes.
  4. You should be watchful of deicers because they can permanently discolour or stain your cement or stone.

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