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Do you need fall landscaping tips?

landscaping Charleston scDo you need fall landscaping tips?

Fall is one of nature’s most beautiful seasons. Your landscaping Charleston SC will be glowing after the heat of summer has passed. Your work doesn’t end just because it is cooler.

These are simple tasks that every professional landscaper should be doing this fall. These tasks can be completed before winter so your garden and lawn are ready for spring.

Landscaping Charleston SC Tips

Do a soil test

The most important lawn care tool to ensure healthy lawns and plants is soil, but it’s often overlooked. Soil pH and nutrient levels should be checked now to ensure that you have enough time to amend soil before spring. Find out more about soil pH, soil tests and how to test it.

Rake and recycle leaves

Take control of your leaves as part of your yard maintenance routine. Your yard’s leaves can be used as a mulch to protect your plants during winter. To encourage decomposition, you will need to shred the leaves.

This is how to make mulch out of leaves:

Make a pile of leaves.

Before moving on to the next step, make sure you follow all safety instructions and use gloves and eye protection.

To grind leaves, use a leaf shredder. Once the leaves are shredded, place them in a bag or large container.

Rake the leaves to a few inches in height. You can pass the leaves several times with a lawn mower, and then chop them into smaller pieces. Then, bag the pieces and place them in a large container.

Place the shredded leaves around the plants two to four inches high. The mulch should be kept one inch from the crowns of your plants. Do not pile mulch on top of the plants’ stems so that it looks like a volcano. It can harm your plants or even cause death.

Mow the grass one last time

Your lawn should be cut one more time before winter. To prevent rodent damage, matting and disease, trim it as short as you can. Prep your mower for winter. Turn the mower on until it runs out of gas. Learn how to winterize your lawnmower and other maintenance tips.

Fall is the best season to reseed stressed and tired summer lawns. For every 1,000 square feet, you’ll need three pounds of seed. Learn how to grow grass.

Turn and add Mulch

Mulch is usually needed every three years for garden beds. The act of “fluffing” mulch gives garden beds a new look and allows water to reach roots better. It also reduces insect and disease problems. When adding mulch to your garden, make sure it is at least two- and three-inch thick.

Hardscapes Need Some TLC

The driveway, patios, and walkways are all important parts of your landscape’s curb appeal. Fall is the best season to fill in cracks, and to apply sealant to prevent freezing and thawing damage. You can also pressure wash surfaces. Find out more about renting a pressure washer.

For the Birds

Watching birds at feeders is one of the best ways you can enjoy winter wildlife. It will be amazing to see the variety of birds that visit your feeder throughout the year. You should place feeders where they can be seen. Choose the best bird feeder for you.

Place the Landscape Tools to Sleep

Properly cleaning and storing lawn and garden tools and sprinklers, hoses and nozzles will extend their lives and make it easier to use in spring. Make sure to drain and clean the irrigation lines, so that they don’t freeze or cause damage.

No Clean-Up Fall Clean-Up

Fall can be a busy season, so you might not have time to complete every chore. Weekends can quickly become crowded with activities, sports, and errands. Beautiful fall weather also means that you can take road trips to go leaf-peeping. The No Clean Up Fall Clean Up is a great option if you can’t seem to get to the chores. For landscape maintenance, it is often better to wait until the spring or late winter.

Don’t rush to cut down the stalks of perennials that have lost their leaves. Decomposing brush creates perch areas for birds and places for beneficial insects to lay eggs. Keep your tools clean and organized, be respectful of the homeowners association, and consider other ways to make your landscape more appealing for winter wildlife.

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