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What are the different pool deck options?

pool deckWhat are the different pool deck options?

When you compare the available options for pool decking that will match your landscaping design, you need to think about that materials you want for your design. Decorative concrete materials can offer a modern and visually appealing look without having to spend too much. Additionally, it combines aesthetics, flexibility, durability and strength.

Landscaping Tip: What is the best pool decking material?

When deciding what kind of materials you would like to use, take into account certain factors such as durability, maintenance, safety, budget, and the materials will fit into your landscape and home design. Although concrete pool decks aren’t your only option, it provides different benefits such as versatility that other materials for pool decking can’t provide.

If you compare concrete with other tough competition, including tile, brick, pavers, and natural stone, you’ll realize that there are many reasons why concrete stand above the rest.

Slip Resistance

Since good traction is crucial for pool deck surfaces, you need to prioritize slip resistance. Pool deck materials especially tile, tend to be slippery when wet, but when it comes to concrete there are ways to enhance the surface traction without negatively affecting its decorative appearance. These include using exposed or broomed aggregate finishes, adding a textured overlay, or adding clear plastic grit into the sealer before they are applied.

Heat Reflectivity

Compared to tile pool decks or darker colored brick, which could become hot to touch after getting exposed to the sun, concrete feels more comfortable to the feet and is effective at reflecting solar radiation. You’ll also find decorative pieces for concrete that could be used to lower the temperature of the surface significantly.


Although pool decks made out of brick, pavers, or flagstone possess excellent visual aesthetics, they could be expensive to install due to the labor needed to install each unit separately. Its more affordable to pour concrete and add a pattern compared to hauling and placing paving units manually. For homeowners who are on a budget, you could still get positive results by mixing stamped concrete with fields of more affordable plain concrete.

Design Options

With decorative concrete, you will get to choose the color, surface treatment, size, and shape for your pool deck – from imprinted patterns or exposed aggregate or concrete with a plain broom finish. You could also mix and match any decorative treatments like mixing stained concrete with an imprinted or stenciled border or boosting the colored overlay using an engraved pattern or sawcut.

Ease of Maintenance

All paving materials listed here have a long life span and are durable, too. However, most of them need more maintenance compared to concrete. Paving units and bricks could change over time, needing replacement or releveling. The joints in between the paving units also require to be filled again with sand on a periodic basis to stop weed growth. Poured concrete will get rid of all these problems, and just requires occasional cleaning and then resealing to keep its appearance.

Always remember that pool decks specific performance requirements than a usual patio. Pool decks have to withstand constant exposure to water as well as harsh cool chemicals. They should also be splinter proof, bare feet, as well as slip resistant. A concrete pool deck will meet all of these criteria.

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