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How to create an outdoor living space on a budget

outdoor decorating charleston scHow to create an outdoor living space on a budget

Who wouldn’t want more living space? You don’t have to spend a lot of money on outdoor decorating Charleston SC. No matter how small or large your backyard is, it doesn’t matter what size. These are the basics.

No matter how large or small the space, the most important design rule for outdoor rooms is to consider the size of the space. There may be elements already in place that can play the roles of floor, ceiling and wall. You can create an enclosure using inexpensive materials, such as gravel and decomposed granite, or you can use existing landscape features, such as a hedge or retaining walls or a balcony railing, to make it feel more enclosed. What about furnishings? Here are some ideas for affordable, simple seating options that will not break the bank.

These are five outdoor decorating Charleston SC tips on a tight budget:

Start at Level Ground

Place an outdoor living space at level ground. You’re likely to have a patio, deck, or balcony. If you don’t have a balcony, deck, or patio, then find one that is flat. You can also check the elevation using a string level. To create an outdoor living area, cover any existing grass or weeds in a small space with a weed barrier cloth.

Dig up any weeds or grass, then use a roller to tamp the earth down. Finally, check the elevation to ensure it is level. To prevent new weeds sprouting, add a layer landscape fabric.

Lay a Floor A floor is an essential element of any room. It should feel stable, level, and safe underfoot.

Natural materials, such as gravel and stone pavers, will blend well with the landscape to create an outdoor space. As shown in the image above, decomposed granite is a fine gravel made of small pieces of natural granite. DG, which has a smaller diameter than gravel (under 3/8 inches), is more stable and can be used in place of gravel to make concrete pavers.

The cost of DG is very low compared with other paving options. It costs between $40 and $50 per cubic yard. It can be purchased from landscape suppliers.

Gravel is another affordable flooring option: A pea gravel patio or walkway costs $5 per square foot. This includes a layer of base rocks,” Ellen writes. It will only cost half the amount if you do it yourself. Add the cost of a Bender Board or header. A wood header costs $5 per linear feet, while a metal header costs $6 (black metal is easily removed). If you are installing gravel against a fence, house, or raised bed, you won’t need a header.

Add Walls

You can create an indoor room with walls, but in an outdoor space you can create the same sense of enclosure by using vertical elements to define the perimeter. You don’t need walls in an indoor space. However, you can create boundaries outside by suggesting walls. There are many options: a balcony railing, a hedge or an existing wall.

To create the illusion of a low wall, you can plant perennials and shrubs in a garden bed if there are no vertical elements.

Add a Ceiling

Ceilings provide protection from the elements, such as rain, sun, and even bird droppings. A solid ceiling is not necessary for outdoor spaces. In fact, it’s often preferred. You can instead design your outdoor space to maximize the roof’s overhang. To create a feeling of shelter, you can add a pergola or trellis.

Select Furnishings

To create an atmosphere of openness and flow in your landscaping, choose furnishings that are appropriate for the space or your outdoor kitchen. If you’re looking for outdoor furniture, such as chairs or sofas, make sure you stretch out before you purchase. Outdoor lounge furniture should be used for lounging.

Folding furniture is lightweight and portable. It’s especially useful in areas where winter weather can make it difficult to transport your items indoors. For some affordable options, see our post on folding bamboo benches. They can be used to complement many styles of architecture.

For outdoor spaces, woven furniture is my favorite. It’s lightweight and easy to mix with solid wood, concrete, or metal.

The versatility of woven furniture is illustrated by the chairs on the deck. These woven chairs look equally happy against the white clapboard façade as they do on my patio in my stucco Spanish colonial bungalow.

What else do you need besides comfortable chairs in your patio? As a place to keep a glass of water or a book, side tables or coffee table tables can be very useful.

Create a wishlist for later.

Once you have the basics down, you can create a wishlist for additional items to be added later. Lighting, a grill and a table are some of the elements that make outdoor spaces more versatile.

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