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Universal Appeal of Concrete Hardscape Edging

Universal Appeal of Concrete Hardscape Edging

Hardscape Edging CharlestonConcrete landscape edging is used to specify paths edges, flower bed borders, and for foliage control. It also supplies practical beauty to a landscape. This type of landscaping is referred to as hardscaping and is very popular in Charleston SC.

Concrete landscape edging is mostly used along driveways to prevent foliage, gravel, and soil to get all over it, particularly when there is heavy rain. In the garden, it is utilized to specify and improve garden areas, keep gravel and soil in garden beds, and to effectively evacuate water without draining away the soil. When used along asphalt, it keeps the asphalt from wearing down. The sloping border of concrete hardscape edging prevents soil and mulch from washing over the marked area, and is specifically practical along slopes.

Charleston hardscaping can be used both for domestic and industrial uses. Its appeal is further improved given that this edging can follow any curves, lines, and designs of landscaping. When it is laid directly and level, it can be utilized as a guide for pavers.

Offered in a variety of styles  and colors, concrete landscape edging can fit any requirement of landscaping structure. Styles are available as stamped borders with edge designs, or in timeless designs like single basket weave, brick, double brick, and so on. Sometimes, it can even be custom colored. Some Charleston landscapers mix the color in the concrete itself prior to being laid, hence offering uniformity of tone in the entire product. Others use shading to plain concrete edging, and complete it with a sealant. Usage of contrasting colors can further develop impact and visual effect.

Once set up, there is no need to replace concrete hardscape edging. With appropriate care, it can last forever. It is also sturdy because cracking control joints are placed at every 12-18 inches along the edging to permit motion. Installation is generally a one to two day process.

Another advantage of concrete edging is that it enables trimming around, which conserves time invested in weeding around landscaped areas. Some edging can be fitted with edge lighting utilizing low voltage to make it visible in the evening also.

Spring will be here before you know it! Give us a call to discuss your hardscaping ideas for your Charleston home.

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